Thursday, May 17, 2007

More to share

Abbi's sooo exicted! We got an e-mail yesterday from Concordia College and a spot has opened up for her to go to French camp! A few weeks ago, we were told it was full and that we were on the waiting list, 10th, so we didn't think we were in the running...well, we were!

Also on the Abbi front *g* check this out.. from Sanden who interviewed us a week or so ago, "Do you like big words?" He got the word
sesquipedalian from me, and I got it from Abbi, who got it from World of Warcraft. :) Connections, connections--it is our world.

Also check out the little peek at the show that we'll be included in:

From In the Loop, Jeff Horwich:

"I just nailed down what I think is a final guest for a conversation about student rights -- what are students learning when they need to live in a world of lesser rights than adults? The president of the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals is going to be good enough to join us (along with some students) to address the realities of balancing rights versus the need to create a good learning environment.

Beyond that, here's a little of what's on the burner:

  • *The Smarts are working on a new tune about how your high school relationships might be the most important education you get
  • *I wandered down the skyway to talk with adults in the food court about how their school lunchroom experiences prepared them for life
  • *Third and fourth-graders show an astounding -- disturbing? -- level of focus on their later career prospects
  • *A "Schoolhouse Rock" on how a school system founded in the industrial revolution is...well, good and certain things, and not so good at others
  • *Sanden's working on a cool piece about something called "unschooling"
Yeah, that's us at the bottom. But what really caught my eye was the part about students rights. You don't see that mentioned very much. That's almost going down the road to children's, what a thought.


yafes said...

ewet belkii , belki degil kesin sende türkçe bilmiyorsundur benim ingilizce bilmemem gibi :))
ne bileyim blogları gezerken rastladım kuşresmi çok hoşuma gittii bi yorum yazmadan geçilmez dedim :)

yafes said...

ewett eminim ben ingilizce bilmeyişim gibi sende türkçe bilmiyorsunn
:)) :))
bende zaten tesadüfe bloguna girdim kuş resmi hoşuma gittii yorum yazmadan geçilmez dedimm :))

thank byeeeee :))

Kristin said...

Sesquipedalian is also in a Tom Chapin song called "Great Big Words" on his Billy the Squid album. I love the connections!

Schuyler said...

Tom Chapin has a song called Great Big Words that has sesquipedalian in it.

kelli said...

Very cool Schuyler! Thanks! I passed it on :)

Deanne said...

Hi Kelli,
Your interview was great! I linked and blogged about it. Make sure you post about the next thing too. That's exciting about the French camp. I never heard of such a thing. Angelica just started learning French. Maybe Abbi can parlez with her at L&L. :)

Vicki said...

I just read your interview, it was great! Very positive! Yay, kelli!

kelli said...

Thanks guys for the comments. And for reading the interview. I'm pretty pleased with it. :)

Oh, and Kristin thanks for the comment also, I didn't get your comment right away. Sometimes my comment thing on blogger delivers them to me and sometimes I have to find them. Very cool connection!