Wednesday, June 06, 2012

All spread out!

Tomorrow,  Abbi will be traveling from Switzerland to France.  She's been studying French for years and wanting to go there since she was little.  I'm so excited for her.  She and her family will be going to the Loire valley and then they'll be going to an unschooling camp out.   So so excited!

Kyra is in Tucson, Arizona visiting a friend.  It was her first time alone on a plane.  She's loving the different climate and all the cacti.  The heat is a bit much,  even if it's a dry heat,  it's been around 100,  but she's still loving the adventure

Alec will be going up to Tennessee.  It's not his first time up there but still a great place for him to be.  He has really special friends that he loves spending time with and enjoys each visit he makes up there.

Tim and I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic.  Punta Cana is our destination.  I've never been down there and this is our first trip alone since I don't know when.  We're gonna walk on the beach, maybe do some snorkeling and just plain ole laze around.

Our family will be all spread out for this week.  Happily adventuring out into the world.

Abbi's in Switzerland

Yes, that's right.  Abbi's in Switzerland.  She's staying with an unschooling family.  How wonderful huh?

I'll write more about it soon,  but I wanted to share what she showed me today.  Check it out.  I wish I could get the map bigger but this is as good as I could get it.

                 On google earth she was able to show me the route of a walk she took.   The blue line is close to the path that she took.   I guess it was beautiful,  Lake Neuchatel on one side and the Alps on the other.  She was able to talk with me on Skype and guide me through her walk.  Technology makes being away from her so much easier.  I can't even imagine how it would be if we could only write letters or call.  Calling would be so expensive!    

More later,  I promise!