Saturday, May 28, 2011

Queen Anne's Lace and Snowflakes

Kyra and I are home. She's been pretty sick the last week. She started up on antibiotics 2 days ago and now this morning is seeming to feel better. It scares me when she's sick like this, Abbi had something similar a month or so ago and it's awful.

I have to take the dog for her walks alone since Tim, Alec and Abbi are here.

But.. it could be worse-- walk down to the lake, enjoy the woods beside me and check out all the wild flowers along the way.

This is one of my favorites.

Partly because they are new to me, and partly because I have a beautiful bowl with the bloom impression on it. It's a Queen Anne's Lace, and actually a carrot plant. I had never seen them in Minnesota. I think it probably does grow in parts of the state
but I wasn't aware of them. The bowl was a gift from a friend and when she gave it to me I thought, "how pretty! A bowl with a snowflake!" :) Yes, I lived in Minnesota, and snowflakes were around quite a bit of the time.

Here's the bowl, I love it.

I do miss snowflakes, but Queen Anne's lace is a nice substitute.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Surrounded Drum Cover

Here's Alec's newest and first cover of Dream Theater. This is his favorite band, so he was pretty excited to get it done.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Springtime at Oakwood Cemetery

I wanted to share this picture. It's one of my favorites right now, and my desktop background on my computer :)

It's taken at the historic Oakland cemetery in Atlanta. We visited there last month. As a golfer, Tim wanted to see Bobby Jones' grave. I was quite interested in showing the girls Margaret Mitchell's. The trees and flowers were so beautiful through-out the cemetery.

OK, so I have to share a few more.

Anime Photo Shoot

A girl gets a new camera. What does she do with it? Of course she takes lots of pictures, but also she would do a photoshoot with her sister as a model.

That's how Kyra rolls. She decided to do a photo shoot of Abbi as a anime loving/anime character. Or in Kyra's words: "A photoshoot
about a girl who wants to be in a manga/anime, but in reality... actually is."

They had so much fun.

Here's a few pics and the link to the entire shoot.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ancient Lit Class Completed and Enjoyed!

Yesterday, Abbi completed her Ancient Literature class. She really enjoyed it. She really liked having a group of people to discuss readings.

For her final, she was assigned a partner and they asked to compare and contrast 3 books that they read. They had 8 different questions to write answers for: Acheological Prototype (comparing the book's accuracy with real information), Dates, the Role of Merlin, Geneology, Guinevere, Lancelot, Religion, and Arthur's Title. For the last portion of their class they focused on Arthurian Literature.

As a presentation, she and her partner made a poster with the information. She also included some Ogham writings which she's been having a lot of fun playing around with.

Here are some close ups of the Ogham writings:

The first one is read as
"Arthur maqi Uther" or in modern English "Arthur son of Uther"

The second one is "Pendragon", Arthur's last name.

As we were leaving and Abbi was saying her good-byes, her teacher told her she had been a joy to have in class and that she hoped Abbi would consider her American Literature class that she's offering next year. We'll see.... :)