Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And this girl can SEW

Kyra made this shirt.

She got the inspiration from a dress of mine. She's sewn several things now and never used a pattern. I think it's really cool that she doesn't let that stop her from sewing. She thinks about what she wants and gets to sewing. Pretty awesome.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Rainy Sunday

Abbi asked if we wanted to play The Mystery at Hogwarts Game. Which is just like Clue but with a Harry Potter theme. Abbi, Tim, Kyra and I played it a couple of times. (Alec was still sleeping since it was early afternoon) As we sat there waiting for each others turns to go by we started spelling words with Bananagrams which was sitting right by us on the table. We decided it would be fun to just spell words that had to do with Harry Potter. We worked on it a bit while playing the Hogwarts Game but then we had enough of the Clue thing. So we moved Banagrams to the living room and popped in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone.

Tim had work to do for Monday and Kyra wanted to work on leveling her character on WoW, but Abbi and I decided to do this:

We knew we had to find homes for the z and x first or we were going to be in trouble. Azkaban came in handy as did phoenix and expecto (part of a spell) The only liberty we really took was JK, we thought that was OK ;)

It's fun bringing together some of our favorite things.

**oops, Alec just got up and pointed out that we spelled Gryffindor wrong.. back to the table!**

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Monday afternoon blurb

Some random Monday thoughts:

We had wind from a storm this morning that was so strong that the umbrella from our dining set on the deck blew up into the air, pulled the table to its side and the broke the glass top. We also had a branch from some tree stuck javelin style into our back yard. I had to really tug to get it out. It was lodged in about 6 inches.. eek!

I'm worrying about Saddi, she's breathing heavy and the vet we saw doesn't think there's anything to worry about.

Alec is just starting his day, he's on more of a night schedule again.

Abbi is running upstairs on the treadmill after watching the last 2 episodes of Bones Season 1 with me.

Kyra has decided to learn some French and is reading through my French book from college.

And a here's a quote that I just came across, I like it:

"'Always' is never true; reality isn't a vast, fixed scheme trapping you without choice. At any moment you have the choice to break out of what is really trapping you--your automatic reactions dredged up from the past."

- Deepak Chopra

Friday, April 10, 2009

Family Resemblance? A clue, yes!

Grandma Jan, Abbi, Aunt Betty

Just for your information, Abbi looks a bit like Tim's mom and aunt.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

They like spelling things.

Playing Bananagrams yesterday I realized I have my own personalized spell checkers right beside me. Yes, Alec and Abbi have surpassed me in spelling skill. I've always been a pretty good speller, but they can by far remember words better than me. Maybe it's an age thing, maybe not, all I know is that they're good and they have fun doing it :)

Alec had maybe 1 1/2 school years of spelling tests, Abbi had 1 year (1st grade... I can't believe 6 years olds have tests...) Testing did not make them good spellers; learning about what they think is interesting did. (And their grammar is better than mine too ;)

Cool, huh?