Thursday, July 09, 2009

Our 4th Celebration

We went up to the Chattanooga area last week-end to celebrate the 4th and see some friends. The Haworths hosted us and the Bowmans and Aycocks joined in too. We had a great time.

Here are some of the kids.

We drove up to Foster's Falls on the 4th to swim and hang out in a swimming hole. The water was wonderful for us northerners. Finally cool water to feel refreshed in this warm water. Note: the swimming pool isn't cool anymore (in our neighborhood) and the lake by us feels like bath water! So we loved the cool water.

Walking to the swimming hole is quite the trek. It's down, down, down...

picture by Laura

and it's beautiful.

picture stolen from Laura

I did NOT like this bridge... Alec kept saying, "remember Donkey and Shrek Mom!" And all I could think of was.. "I DO NOT like platforms.. walkways that move.. EEK!"

another picture stolen from Laura
Sweet friends

guess who took this picture!

The picturesque refreshing swimming hole

Kelli took this picture! Wait! or Tim!

At the top again, just beautiful.

Then we went back to the Haworths and had some fireworks fun!

Silas casting a spell!

I love this one!

It was a great day.