Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the road again

We're heading even farther south today. Can you believe that? In the hot of summer? Are we crazy? I can hear the whispers ;) (wait those are my whispers *g*)

But no.. we're not crazy, we're just excited to see these peoples
and this family who was just featured in this article!

Yes it would take some amazing people to lure me out of my air-conditioning and back in the moving house again. My introverted self is saying... Nooooo! But it will be worth it :)

Here's where we're going. And yes there will be cool river water, that is part of the lure too ;) Tubing and hanging with some of our favorite people, sounds really good to me~~

Have a great weekend everyone, I wish you all cool breezes and fun!

Oh! And here's a picture of the kids latest resurgence of interest in Rock Band.

Alec wanted to download some more songs for Rock Band and decided to download a whole set from The Who. He's loving the drums and just got a replacement foot pedal, Yay!! Ours broke weeks ago and electrical tape can only hold for so long.

I've found out that singing The Who and Metallica is pretty challenging, but I did get through Indestructible by Disturbed on medium with guitar. I've conquered some songs on hard but Disturbed is not one of the bands that I can handle.

Here it is on expert.

Like I said... on medium :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Learn Nothing Road Trip

Our Learn Nothing Day Extravaganza


Shelby and Wendy decorating the moving "house".

Wednesday evening was spent at Ren's house. We decided to cram as much learning into that day and night.. thinking that might have an effect on our Learn Nothing Day ( learn a lot one day, then we'll really excel at learning nothing the next day ;) As we were driving we would point out everything cool, like we do all the time ... "look at the donkey, or would those be burros??" "hey, look at the mountains... or are they hills since there are so many trees?" "oh.. valleys.. and waterfalls!"

And we arrived at Ren's:

Shelby wanted to check out the bees

Kelli, OK... I couldn't stay away from the zinnias. Aren't they beautiful!

Ren and Wendy discussing gardening.

Pure joy

And how about some dancing? Well, of course!

We even got an impromptu belly dancing lesson from Mindy. How wonderful is that?? Now if I would have gotten a picture of it... but of course I couldn't since I was dancing! :)

Here are some reasons why living in Georgia will be just peachy! :)

Now, do you thinking learning a lot on Wednesday helped us to take a break from learning on Thursday? Nawwww... it just kept going, and going... and going. You know like that annoying Energizer bunny. The learning keeps going and going.

On the day, Ren took us to a park that had a swimming hole.... and lots of humongous (I used that word for my mom) trees! Canopies of trees for this tree lover. I felt right at home. Tuck me away in trees and I'm a happy girl.

I think some others were pretty happy too!

Could the look on their faces be any more similar?? hee hee

Minnesoooota girl, lovin' the COOOOLD water... other southern kids are...not.

Just how cold is it Alex?
"It's SOOOO Cold!"

Bubble girl... aka Kyra

Tree hugger girl ... aka Abbi

Jalen and the MEGA marshmallow roaster

the trees I just loved

Which included some awesome gigantic rhododendrons. If you look hard you can see the white blooms.

The fallen blooms decorated the paths and woods.

Beautiful canopy

And path with Jessica and girls

Laura and lots o' kids

The Fire Starter Goddess

Thanks so much Ren, for going along and making wonderful my "let's get together!" idea. It was an amazing time!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Learn Nothing Day

It's here! Can you believe it!

We decided to go on the road with some other unschooling families, just to make sure we don't learn anything! ;)

With cohorts like all of these.. how could we learn anything??? Oh, and we'll be meeting up with some others too that I've never met before. Ren thought we'd just make sure and invite more unschoolers!

Pictures to come from the big day.

And be careful out there, you could learn something!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time for campaigning... and Tim is really excited about it...

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Friday, July 18, 2008

It's OK

The piano, that is. And we're happy about that.

Let me explain.

After the movers left, we sat down to play the piano and discovered that the left 1/3 part of the keyboard was locked up.... I was so upset. Why didn't I test it better before they left? What's wrong with me?? I heard someone playing it so I thought it was fine, but I didn't test the whole keyboard! Ahhhhh... so, yeah, I was upset.

We talked to some friends who have a grand also and they thought we shouldn't worry. Something similar happened to theirs when it was delivered and a piano tuner guy was able to fix it. I took some deep breaths.

Later I called a man that I found through google who restores and tunes pianos. On his website it also said that he's worked on Knabe pianos, that's what ours is, so I felt pretty secure that he'll know what he's doing. I talked with him on the phone and he tells me not to worry, he thinks he should be able to fix it.

He came over yesterday. Took off a few pieces from the front, gently pulled on the keys... and voila, it was just like it was before. Yay!

Now we just have to decide if we want to put some money into it and restore it. I guess it's possibly around 100 years old and it will take a LOT of money to make it really pretty. He said the keys would practically glow in the dark, after he gets done with it and the wood.. well, it would be really beautiful if we decide to do that.

We'll see, we have to think about it for a while.

Right now I'm just so happy that it's working :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A peek out our front and back doors.

Here's out the front. Nice woods, but I've been told they will be developed. I don't think it will be any time soon though with the housing market the way it is.

Here's out the back door. We can see lots of trees. Most of them aren't on our property but it's still nice looking out our windows. There's a little gully and stream back there that are just calling to Saddi, so we've had to really keep a hold of her. People have told us that there are some people around who won't be treating a stray dog too well. We're planning on putting up a fence soon.

And look who I found out on the front porch. We don't have a screened porch anymore but the wicker worked nice out here. Kyra was doing some carving in a piece of driftwood that she found the day they all went to Poole's Mill Park and played in the river.

I'm glad to say that we've had a lot of rain since we've moved down here. I think we brought a bit of our 10,000 lakes with us and they (the rest of the Georgians) are mighty happy with it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We're in Georgia!

Yep, we're in our new home and working our way through boxes.

We had a wonderful transition into GA with Mindy and Wendy's help. We stopped at Mindy's house as we crossed the Tennessee/Georgia border, spent the night and couldn't even get the 2 girls to leave! No, Mindy was her super energetic self and offered to take kids for the night if they wanted.. and of course they wanted! And she took on the dog too!

Here's some happiness for y'all (look... I put in y'all for y'all ;)

The boys waiting .. ahem.. "patiently" :) for Mindy's caramel rolls.

And they were delish... just as everything else was... Yum! Thank you Mindy and John!

Alec came with us to the Gainesville/Cumming area the next day, where he decided to stay at Wendy's for a night. It worked out perfectly since we had an early morning walk through of the house and then closing later that morning.

As Tim and I finished up the details with closing on the house and getting our animals into the house, Mindy/Wendy and crew went to this great place. I'll be going next! Mindy shared about the day here.

After the kids had their fill of swimming and rock climbing we all met up at our house. We hung out, ate and pretty much just reveled in this coming together.

Just wonderful.

And... can anyone guess as to what these crazy people are doing?

A BIG thank you to Wendy and Mindy's families for the welcome and help through this time of transition. It was a happy joyous time for all of us!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A New Discovery

An earth shaking discovery....

powered sugar actually tastes OK in coffee~~ OK, not earth shaking, but who knew? hehe..

Yes most of our stuff is packed up and in a moving truck...including the raw sugar and regular sugar. Kept out and still in my presence, of course, is my coffee and coffee maker.

Sooo, there's 3 bags of powered sugar left in my pantry... weird. Why did I keep buying powered sugar? Do I have a neediness for sweetness or did I have reoccurring thoughts of making a LOT of frosting? Or hot fudge??

What ever may be the reason, I have sweet coffee this last morning in our Bemidji house.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Something's Rotten in Bemidji??

Is this a sign?

Our backyard this afternoon.

I think it's time to hit the road.

Matt's still Dancin'

Sharing some joy this morning as I procrastinate :)

He's still dancin'!

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

How much do I love this guy? Let me count the ways!