Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the road again

We're heading even farther south today. Can you believe that? In the hot of summer? Are we crazy? I can hear the whispers ;) (wait those are my whispers *g*)

But no.. we're not crazy, we're just excited to see these peoples
and this family who was just featured in this article!

Yes it would take some amazing people to lure me out of my air-conditioning and back in the moving house again. My introverted self is saying... Nooooo! But it will be worth it :)

Here's where we're going. And yes there will be cool river water, that is part of the lure too ;) Tubing and hanging with some of our favorite people, sounds really good to me~~

Have a great weekend everyone, I wish you all cool breezes and fun!

Oh! And here's a picture of the kids latest resurgence of interest in Rock Band.

Alec wanted to download some more songs for Rock Band and decided to download a whole set from The Who. He's loving the drums and just got a replacement foot pedal, Yay!! Ours broke weeks ago and electrical tape can only hold for so long.

I've found out that singing The Who and Metallica is pretty challenging, but I did get through Indestructible by Disturbed on medium with guitar. I've conquered some songs on hard but Disturbed is not one of the bands that I can handle.

Here it is on expert.

Like I said... on medium :)


Madeline said...

What a great destination! We went there when we were at an organic farming conference nearby. And those people are definitely worth traveling south in the summer to see.

Stephanie said...

Sounds great!
You have been travelling a lot lately.
Have fun :)

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Ack! SAME here -- the foot pedal thing. We used duct tape and popsicle sticks to support it. Jesse: "Eat another popsicle, Owen, I need one more."

Happy travels!

(Oh! Kelli -- I forgot to tell you -- we are facing a probable move to Arkansas! Arkansas!)

kelli said...

Wow Laura, that's exciting :) you'll have to let us know what's happening!

Tina H. said...

You guys are having such a fun summer compared to our drab summer. Such are cycles.