Friday, July 25, 2008

Learn Nothing Road Trip

Our Learn Nothing Day Extravaganza


Shelby and Wendy decorating the moving "house".

Wednesday evening was spent at Ren's house. We decided to cram as much learning into that day and night.. thinking that might have an effect on our Learn Nothing Day ( learn a lot one day, then we'll really excel at learning nothing the next day ;) As we were driving we would point out everything cool, like we do all the time ... "look at the donkey, or would those be burros??" "hey, look at the mountains... or are they hills since there are so many trees?" "oh.. valleys.. and waterfalls!"

And we arrived at Ren's:

Shelby wanted to check out the bees

Kelli, OK... I couldn't stay away from the zinnias. Aren't they beautiful!

Ren and Wendy discussing gardening.

Pure joy

And how about some dancing? Well, of course!

We even got an impromptu belly dancing lesson from Mindy. How wonderful is that?? Now if I would have gotten a picture of it... but of course I couldn't since I was dancing! :)

Here are some reasons why living in Georgia will be just peachy! :)

Now, do you thinking learning a lot on Wednesday helped us to take a break from learning on Thursday? Nawwww... it just kept going, and going... and going. You know like that annoying Energizer bunny. The learning keeps going and going.

On the day, Ren took us to a park that had a swimming hole.... and lots of humongous (I used that word for my mom) trees! Canopies of trees for this tree lover. I felt right at home. Tuck me away in trees and I'm a happy girl.

I think some others were pretty happy too!

Could the look on their faces be any more similar?? hee hee

Minnesoooota girl, lovin' the COOOOLD water... other southern kids are...not.

Just how cold is it Alex?
"It's SOOOO Cold!"

Bubble girl... aka Kyra

Tree hugger girl ... aka Abbi

Jalen and the MEGA marshmallow roaster

the trees I just loved

Which included some awesome gigantic rhododendrons. If you look hard you can see the white blooms.

The fallen blooms decorated the paths and woods.

Beautiful canopy

And path with Jessica and girls

Laura and lots o' kids

The Fire Starter Goddess

Thanks so much Ren, for going along and making wonderful my "let's get together!" idea. It was an amazing time!


Stephanie said...

Great pics, how fun!

Wendy said...

I really did have fun. Thank you so much for inviting us. :-) I love hanging out with y'all!!!

Snavleys said...

Okay, I will just let it out......SIIIiiiigggghhhh! That was an EXTRA long sigh:) I'm glad you guys had fun! But it was missing something very important....................ME!

Madeline said...

So much fun! I can't wait to be there, finally, at another get together. I never knew how big the southeast was until you moved here.

That picture of Abbi and Wendy is so funny.

mindy said...

Great pictures to commemorate another unforgetable gathering with a whole hoarde of cool people!

Ren said...

Hey, I tried to get you to move south Heidi! Dangit. My voodoo is still working WILL suck you into the vortex.

I really love, love, love your pics. It's nice to see a different perspective than being behind the lense all the time. lol

Thank you so much for making this happen! We might have sat around all day learning nothing if it weren't for you.;)

Tina H. said...

gosh, it looks like so much fun. I really wish we had US friends here.
We don't....sigh.

Georgia/TN people look like fun.

Zenmomma said...

I'm so glad you are loving where you live. :o)

piscesgrrl said...

Jonathan, my 12 yr old, just made me scroll back up to treehugger Abbi - "Wait - I know her. I just saw her at the fair today."

when I explained that you live far away (and even farther now), he said, "No, I KNOW I saw her."

So are you sure you weren't at the Winnebago County Fair in northern IL?! LOL