Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Children's Work

Wonderful Work from my kids :)

Alec's latest cover. He got a mixer and mikes for his drums. He's sounding so awesome!

Abbi's doing more baking, she made bread one morning and bagels yesterday. They were all so yummy. Her latest idea and desire is to go to France and learn to bake there. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? She and I have been working on our French and we're hoping to make it over there this September. We're also looking into WWOOF for her as a possibility. We think we may have found a farm that grows their grain and makes bread right there, and... the woman that lives there is a pastry chef! Sounds like such a great fit, wonderful for Abbi. She's very excited!

And here's Kyra's latest work. I think this picture is just brilliant. I love the way the flowers cascade around her and through the picture. Do you see more than one image?

I just love seeing their creations and how their talent unfolds.