Monday, April 28, 2008

Digging Out

yet again.

My arms are rubbery, Tim's gone and the task of shoveling has fallen on me. Well, I've decided it might be nice to be able to walk out our front door. ;)

Shoveling is really hard work when you have a frozen layer on top. I had to chop it away first, then I could shovel the snow away.

This is what it looks like: (warning: boring snow pictures *g*)

And this is what we had to plow through with the Highlander to get to the house. We were gone when this snow came. See the mound of snow? We made it down the whole driveway, then wondered if we'd make it through the hill in front of the garage.

We've discovered that a hybrid vehicle is nice, as far as gas consumption, but as far as torque and getting through snow... not good. We got stuck in my parents driveway this weekend. I think it's a warmer climate vehicle ;)

We did end up making it through to the garage and now we'll wait for it to melt a bit before venturing out again. Let's hope it warms up soon, it's 18 now, so guess we might have to wait a bit.

On an unrelated topic now, some news on Tim's job front. He found out Friday that his position is going to be dissolved. hmmmm...

and that they'll tell us more later. We're hoping for more info this week so we can kind of wrap our brains around it and maybe.. I don't know, try and decide what to do. It's not such a bad thing, Tim has wanted a change, but we're hoping for some type of severance package so we can make the house payment while looking for something else.

He has been contacted by a friend who works for a medical device company. They'd love to have him work for them. But then that keeps us here in MN. It would mean a move still, just not to where we thought. Brainerd or Duluth are the 2 living options that that job has brought about. Tim's kind of excited about the job, but none of us are too excited about the locations. We have lots to think about.

Here's to uncertainties in life and to taking each day as it comes.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

For WoW players

We've just returned from Moorhead and our niece's confirmation, being in church and listening to lots of church talk has led to lots of conversations.

(Shift to world of warcraft thinking)...

Alec just came upstairs and said,

"OK, I've come to a conclusion. Jesus was a shaman. He could heal people, walk on water, and self resurrect. But he didn't spec (or put talent points into) improved reincarnation so the cool down won't be over any time soon..."

Dang... :)

and I have to say this... we got more snow... another 12 or so inches...

Please spring, where are you????

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy gaming

Another view on why you might want to let your kids play video games. (If they want to, of course. :)

Relationship building does happen, even when video game playing is happening. It's much deeper than the gaming. It's valuing the interests of another individual. And how important is that when it's your child's? In my book, that is the utmost of importance.

The following article is an amazingly insightful recount of a 17 year old's experience with video game playing. He's a great writer.

Friday, April 11, 2008

At the lake in northern MN

in April. I was hoping we'd have more thawing when these guys got here. But not this year. The reason I was hoping for more thawing was that to be down by the lake when the ice is cracking is amazing. You hear these huge cracking sounds... HUGE, scary sounds, it's so cool. Also really cool is that the ice pushes up to the shore, so there's these sheets of ice piling up next to each other, vertically; and the sheets can be bigger than you.

Tis OK though, they were in awe of the frozen lake. And it's fun to walk on ice any way it is, either solid or starting to thaw.

Gotta love rocks!

And guess what it's doing.... again?

I'll let you know what we get, I've heard that it could be 4 or 5 inches or 10... gotta love Spring.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fun and Friends

We are so happy to have friends visiting.

It was hard to see more snow. Yes we got 20 some more inches. We wondered if Shelby and Wendy would be disappointed with the grayness and white of MN right now.

They're not. They're loving it! They've helped us see what fun it can be, not disappointment, but


I believe this is Shelby and Kyra's version of Talking Heads.. or "Mom! Mom! I'm just a head!"

It's wonderful having them here.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

It IS So

(sorry, more weather stuff from me :)

uh huh...

Yep, just when I thought it was safe to bring out the cushions for the wicker. That's fresh snow, everything was brushed off and melted off.

And the storm warning doesn't let up until 10:00 tonight? Eek.. that's in 12 hours. I know it will probably melt pretty quickly, in a few days, but I wonder how much we'll get?

Yeah...we'll be hanging indoors today.

I promise, Shelby and Wendy, we'll have the trampoline brushed off before you get here :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's Out

on DVD and Abbi is just giddy. I had a hard time with this movie. Pretty intense-- for me; but not for Abbi. I had to cover my eyes, she didn't. I'd started to reach over to cover her eyes, while we were watching it in the theater and she swatted my hand away. OK, I only did it once. She reassured me that she was fine.

Neither one of us (Abbi nor I) had heard the music from this musical or seen it before seeing the movie. We kind of knew the story line, we had both read about it, so we knew there would be graphic scenes. But what we didn't know was that there would be beautiful music within it and also wit. Yes, humor behind some less than wonderful happenings... OK, dark humor.

So we got the DVD on Tuesday. Kyra wanted to watch it now too... I asked her if she was sure? She reassures me, that yes indeed she wants to and that Abbi will warn her of the bloody scenes. (the pause button is great :) She knows what happens in it, but still wants to watch it because her sister has loved it so much and Kyra and Abbi both love the music (we have the soundtrack).

They watched it together with me hanging out and it went fine. Kyra hasn't had any nightmares, she hasn't wished that she hadn't seen it. In fact this morning she was on the laptop with headphones on singing "The Worst Pies in Longdon". She'll sit and listen and sing with the lyrics up in front of her.

If you can watch the DVD, make sure you don't miss the extras. There's a part on the DVD where they talk about the making of it and it's wonderful. Helena Bonham Carter talks about how her 11 year old self dreamed of being Mrs. Lovett, her parents loved the musical and they had the album. Also Johnny Depp got the part even though Tim Burton and Richard Zanuck hadn't heard him sing. They just trusted him. Knowing that everything Johnny does or accepts to do, he'll do it well. Johnny said he'd never sang before and his recount of how he and a friend of his went about learning the music is great. Neither he, nor the musician friend could read music, yet they figured out a way to do it. ---- Watch the extras :)

Anyway. So Abbi loves it, all of it. I think Kyra likes the music best, and I do also. The scenes and trauma of the movie are a bit much for sensitive types (me and Alec in our household, in fact Alec dislikes Tim Burton stuff and refuses to watch it) but for others-- Tim Burton lovers, horror movie buffs, Johnny Depp lusters.. it's a dream :)

Here's a note from Tim Burton, from the inside of the CD from the soundtrack:

Of all musicals, Sweeney Todd is my favorite. The opportunity to create a film that is a combination of horror movie and musical was very exciting. It provided me with the chance to tap into the Hammer horror films as well as the old Universal films with the actors like Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Lon Chaney.

I believe
Sweeney Todd is in the same league as characters presented in those films.

We tried to capture the essence and spirit of the Stephen Sondheim musical while at the same time creating something different for the film version. What makes these recordings so unique is that they are performed by actors who for the most part had no formal musical training. I believe this gives the songs a different dimension than any previous version.

My sincere thanks to the amazing cast and crew for helping bring this story to life.

Say It Isn't So

That we're supposed to get 6 inches of snow tonight.

shouldn't surprise me, should it? Since it is only April...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Glimpses of CA

check this out:

It's a ride at Legoland and yes that's Alec and Kyra swinging around and the rest of us trying to get them even more wet than they already are..(it rained all morning and into the early afternoon)

Abbi isn't enjoying it at all.

My kids are getting too old!

And if you see this girl...

it's Abbi! She's growing up :(

Jumpin for Spring

We are pretty much jumping for joy that the temperatures reached the mid 50s today!

I missed Alec with the pic, I was cooking up some soup while he was out there. He's inside now getting ready for a raid on WoW.

We were outside today, to town twice and also got some WoW playing in. Fun day it was, and only more warm days to come....

OH.. and

Only 4 days until this girl and her Mom come to visit! We're stoked!

Happy Spring and Friday to you all~~

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Happy?" April Fool's...

First I wake up to my son this morning:

Alec: Mom! I just read about the new patch that's coming out. (on WoW, if you're wondering)

Kelli(gullible one): *yawn* Really... hmm.. what's that?

Alec: Epic flying lessons will only cost 2,000 Gold and the mount you love, the hippogryph, will only cost an additional 200 Gold!

Kelli: What? REALLY?? Oh my gosh! That's awesome, I'm so excited! Hee hee... (hear Kelli laughing wonderously)


Kelli: *sigh* *cry* you!

And Blizzard is doing it to me too? Tell us it's not a joke!

I do think Alec has more than one quality in him for him to fit right in with the video game industry....

And a few more for you WoW heads brought to you from the guys at Blizzard:

Remember, these are jokes people ;)

Have you read any John Holt?

“So many people have said to me, ‘If we didn’t make children do things, they wouldn’t do anything.’ Even worse, they say, ‘If I weren’t made to do things, I wouldn’t do anything.’

It is the creed of a slave.

When people say that terrible thing about themselves, I say, ‘You may believe that, but I don’t believe it. You didn’t feel that way about yourself when you were little. Who taught you to feel that way?’ To a large degree, it was school.”

~John Holt, How Children

Ronnie brought this to her blog from, where Rue posted it.

It got me to thinking about why we decided to take our kids out of school.

I could see the light going out in Alec's eyes. He didn't even want to get up in the morning. It was so obvious in him.

Pretty amazing.