Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Happy?" April Fool's...

First I wake up to my son this morning:

Alec: Mom! I just read about the new patch that's coming out. (on WoW, if you're wondering)

Kelli(gullible one): *yawn* Really... hmm.. what's that?

Alec: Epic flying lessons will only cost 2,000 Gold and the mount you love, the hippogryph, will only cost an additional 200 Gold!

Kelli: What? REALLY?? Oh my gosh! That's awesome, I'm so excited! Hee hee... (hear Kelli laughing wonderously)


Kelli: *sigh* *cry* you!

And Blizzard is doing it to me too? Tell us it's not a joke!

I do think Alec has more than one quality in him for him to fit right in with the video game industry....

And a few more for you WoW heads brought to you from the guys at Blizzard:



Remember, these are jokes people ;)


Tina H. said...

wow, he really got you good. Hope this wasn't before coffee.

Zenmomma said...

You have GOT to get to Oregon soon and get your poor Meez out of the cold! Poor thing.

Laura said...

I loved this! Jesse and Owen grinned big when I read your April Fool's post to them.

Exciting news, Kelli -- the Lanshark near us is hosting a Guitar Hero competition. There will be mostly high school guys (it's a benefit for the Debate Team at the high school ???). Won't it be so cool if Jesse wins?? He is really looking forward to the competition. Owen is good at Guitar Hero, but bows to his brother's superior skills and ultimate dazzling "Through the Fire and Flames" performance. :D

kelli said...

Tina, yes it was before coffee :( and it's been a rough week.. the shop that roasts my coffee was out last week when my friend tried to pick some up!

I know ZM :( although it was close to 50 yesterday, Yay!

Laura that is so exciting! Tell him good luck. I think there's a GH tourney an hour and a half away from us this weekend. I'll have to see if the kids are interested. They've been playing the Rock Band songs more lately that GH. Alec's biggest challenge is Welcome Home. You'll have to ask the boys if they've played that one, I almost died on Medium on it!