Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy gaming

Another view on why you might want to let your kids play video games. (If they want to, of course. :)

Relationship building does happen, even when video game playing is happening. It's much deeper than the gaming. It's valuing the interests of another individual. And how important is that when it's your child's? In my book, that is the utmost of importance.

The following article is an amazingly insightful recount of a 17 year old's experience with video game playing. He's a great writer.



Laura said...

Hey Kelli -- I remember Sandra saying (writing) something like "Damn the interest, damn the child." (I printed it and have it around here somewhere.) That stuck with me through Pokemon cards and The Simpson's and gaming and hard rock. And when I showed respect for my kids' interests, I could open my eyes and see all of the valuable things their interests held for them and for me, as well.

Anyway -- Thanks for the link to Zach's essay. Wow, he's an excellent writer! I'm going to show Owen his blog -- I think he'll like reading it. :)

Anonymous said...

You're telling me I need to let my husband buy a Wii after all? Noooooooooo!!!!

I love the tire swing by the way.

kelli said...

Yeah, Sandra opened my eyes to recognizing Alec's interests as just as important as other "learning" or "schooly" things.

And freckles, of course you guys should get a Wii, in fact I will post some pictures of Wii playing very soon, adults and kids having a blast together :)

Laura said...

hi Kelli -- Yesterday was Lanshark Thursday here, and I watched Jesse, 15, help his friend's little sister, Molly, 6, learn to play Guitar Hero. He was so patient and understanding of her frustrations and mistakes as she learned. They "dueled" on Slow Ride. Molly was on easy level, slow, and Jesse played expert level with the guitar upside down. :D Once again, I was so grateful that our family found unschooling and that it's led to such sweet times.

kelli said...

Very sweet Laura, life is good. :)