Sunday, April 27, 2008

For WoW players

We've just returned from Moorhead and our niece's confirmation, being in church and listening to lots of church talk has led to lots of conversations.

(Shift to world of warcraft thinking)...

Alec just came upstairs and said,

"OK, I've come to a conclusion. Jesus was a shaman. He could heal people, walk on water, and self resurrect. But he didn't spec (or put talent points into) improved reincarnation so the cool down won't be over any time soon..."

Dang... :)

and I have to say this... we got more snow... another 12 or so inches...

Please spring, where are you????


Tina H. said...

Oh, my gosh. More snow?? I feel so bad for you all. UGH.

Wendy said...

Shelby said y'all had more snow...but 12 inches!!! Ick!! Where is your spring???

Missing y'all terribly. :-(

Ren said...

Ok, Trevor is going to love this one. Jesus as a WoW character...too funny!

I'd feel sorry for you if I wasn't feeling sorry for myself that you aren't moving here.;)

My brocolli is getting HUGE in the garden. I'll post a pic tomorrow. neener, neener.

But my kids would love to come sledding with you since we hardly get enough snow for that in the winter.

Laura said...

Heh! One of the boys' friends has Jesus as a Mii. I made a Mii Boy Shakira. So, concievably, Jesus could go bowling with Boy Shakira. Just seems so wrong ...

Ask Alec, if Jesus is a shaman, what's his mount? :) Jesse and Owen are asleep or they might have some input.

Sandra Dodd said...

-=-Ask Alec, if Jesus is a shaman, what's his mount? :)-=-

I hope it's "Olive" or "a donkey" or some of you are going to hell.

Sandra in Texas. I have seen where Kirby works (well, the outside). It has a number on the door. That's it. No business-name sign.

There were a few dozen cars, mostly Texas plates, but ten or so Californias. The New Mexico employees live near enough to walk. We didn't see N.Mex. plates, but in the parking lot of the apartments where Kirby lives, lots of New Mexico.

kelli said...

Abbi and I have been talking about Jesus' mount. I thought, if we're thinking WoW mounts, it would be the Elekk, it's like an elephant, big and gentle. Abbi thought he could have what ever he wanted. Even a flying hippogryph and then turn it white. So in the outlands he'd ride a white hippogryph.

There are no donkeys in WoW, only horses and I couldn't see him on those.

We'll ask Alec when he gets up.

Laura said...

"I hope it's "Olive" or "a donkey" or some of you are going to hell."

Owen says that I'm already going to Hell for creating a Boy Shakira Mii. I asked if B.S. Mii was still around (thought they might have deleted him) and Jesse said, "Yeah! He ran over me this morning when I was playing Mario Cart!"

Have fun visiting in Texas, Sandra!

Still snowing there, Kelli? It's rainy and gloomy here. A soup day.

kelli said...

No, it's not snowing anymore. Partly sunny and 34 degrees. Pretty nice, yet still a bit cool.

kelli said...

For a flying mount, I think he would have "Ashes of Al'ar", a phoenix, because it can self resurrect as well. As for a ground mount, I thought this up..
Disciple: Summons and dismisses a ridable Disciple for a piggy back ride. This is a very slow mount.

~Alec (posting with my mom's account)

Here's the phoenix

Laura said...

"Disciple: Summons and dismisses a ridable Disciple for a piggy back ride. This is a very slow mount."

Ooo. Do you get twelve, so you can change them out?

The gamers gathered here yesterday batted some of this around and had fun with your ideas, Alec. :)

Mostly, they are playing a lot of Mario Cart Wii and Brawl and Guitar Hero. They just unlocked the Mii's in Mario Cart. Owen has a Mii named Mr. Myamoto after the guy at Nintendo and one named Colin after Colin Mochrie on "Whose Line is It Anyway". Makes for an interesting race!