Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Weekend

Well, just getting the last items packed up for our long weekend. Every Memorial weekend Tim's parents take his whole family to a resort in Brainerd. It really is beautiful country (one of the reasons we have a hard time leaving here ;)

Here's where we're staying. Tim worked there for 4 summers through college and I actually worked there 1 summer to be close to him. :) Lots of history
at Grand View. We play lots of games, swim in the lake and lay on the beach (if its warm enough, its questionable this year) swim in the pool, fish, walk amidst the trees, some of us golf, hang out, play the ultimate game of bingo and eat. :)

On Monday, the girls and I are heading down to Sioux Falls to visit Diana and Hayden. We haven't seen them for tooo many months. Wish Diana a happy birthday, its this Sunday! Love you Diana!!

Here's Alec walking in front of our cabin last year.

And fun on the beach. We probably won't get that much this weekend, supposed to be a high in the 60's ... a bit brrrr to be on the beach, even this Northern MN girl thinks so!

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Snavleys said...

Too much fun!! I love summer and how I wish I lived somewhere that was summer a little longer than here :) I love my life though so.... We've been right around 65 the last couple days so,yes, still a little chilly.