Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Warning, gushing about my kids about to commence :)

OK, my kids are smooth. Like my friend Rue said one time, "I wanna grow up and be just like my kids" (I'm pretty sure it was something like that). I was feeling that today. After interviews I always feel like I have no idea what I said. I feel as though I was saying "blah, blah, blah". Probably not a good thing but I try. :)

My kids on the other hand shine in interviews. Its amazing. No problem, no nervousness, present and self confident. Kyra didn't want to say much but Alec and Abbi were very talkative.

It was great sitting back and watching them respond to questions.

After the interview I was tired (it was over 3 1/2 hours long) but the kids were fine. Kyra biked down to a friend's house to play, Abbi started working on the computer and Alec sat and discussed the afternoon with me.

Alec and Abbi tonight, in their elements (Kyra was in the tub so that photo op wasn't gonna happen ;)


Madeline said...

How can we hear the interview? Can we?

kelli said...

It should be here after the 18th:

In fact there is a little blurb on the May 12th podcast that they did but I have a problem with part of it.

Sanden, the interviewer, said that Alec will play 20 hours of video gaming in 1 day. Well... that's not true. He's never played that many hours in one day. I think the most may have been 10? When a really awesome game has come out (Zelda or Final Fantasy X or WoW at first) he maybe played that long (8-10) in one day but it also included breaks for eating, talking, even usually walking the dog.

A lot of time its no different from the amount a time that a schooled child would work in their desk at school.

So that 20 hours was incorrect.

kelli said...

OK, that link didn't work. is the address.