Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not learning?

Yes, another blog post. :P

"How do you know that they're learning?" A question that was asked by the reporter.

Alec and I are discussing this question this morning. I guess we have it so deep in our soul that we are continually learning. We can't believe it's even a question. It's such a "duh" to us.

Alec made the statement, "That's like asking, how do you know you're alive". I like that. We just know it. Maybe it's the trust thing that we talk about all the time with new unschoolers. That you have to trust your children.

We then went on to trying to think up a situation where we weren't or wouldn't learn. *g* Or is there really a way to go through a day and not learn? We both thought of laying in bed not doing anything. Yet, then Alec said, "but I think you'd learn that laying in bed = back ache". lol So, scratch that. *g* Then we went on to, well, what if you already knew that? hmmmm... maybe not learning then...but yet, I bet your brain would keep going. Thinking about things and maybe, just maybe you (probably) would figure something out, hence.....LEARNING something.


danét said...

It always is the simple isn't it. We simply can't but learn. Growing and learning are synonymous and, I notice, are most fertile in an atmosphere of joy.
Yummy blog you've got here. thanks for sharing, mon compradré
I appreciate your commenting on my little observations and introspection around WoW. I love that your family, too, have journeyed into the grounds of Horde and Alliance... Also the life learning awareness grounds, of unschooling...

Snavleys said...

"How do you know that they are learning?"..................Cause they are breathing! LOL! It is funny when these questions come up though, you kind of have to back pedal and switch gears because you almost forget that people live differently than what is totally natural don't you? I too love your little insightful blogs. I started the video of Dayna yesterday and didn't finish so now I'm going to finish watching that :)