Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thinking outside the box

Kid who doesn't have or play video games: "People play World of Warcraft to make their uninteresting lives interesting."

Alec: "Do you have any hobbies?"

Kid: "Yeah, I love to read."

Alec: "And, because your life is uninteresting you read to make it more interesting?"

Kid: " have to read to get through life."

Alec: "What kind of books do you read? Do you like Harry Potter and Inkheart and stuff like that?"

Kid: "Yeah, I LOVE those books!"

Alec: "Well, I don't think you have to read those books to get through life."

Abbi: "And you'll pick up a book and read about exciting things?"


Abbi did say that she thought that she and Alec had been smart asses, and wasn't very proud of it.

I was thinking that Alec and Abbi were thinking pretty quick, versus how I used to hmmmm and haaaa and um to questions like that.


~DanaB~ said...

Oh MAN, I'm likin' those responses!! Sounds like those kiddos 'get it'!!


Ren said...

Too frickin' funny. I thought everything we did in life was pretty much with the goal of making it more interesting? Or maybe I'm just a knucklehead that has this vague and nutty idea that life is supposed to be FUN. hmmmmmmmmm..........