Thursday, May 10, 2007

And this morning...
Alec loves these "massive" lego sets. Massive meaning 3,000 pieces or more, as well as 3 feet long. He now wants the 5,000 piece Millenium Falcon and 3,000 piece Death Star II. phew, I wish they weren't so expensive...*cry*


Laura said...

Ya, no kidding. I have a 14yo Lego buff here too - Perhaps if you live anywhere near northern IL we can pool Lego resources. Wishful thinking?

I think I found your blog from the UD list - would that be right?

Happy spring unschooling!

Sanden said...

Okay. I saw that thing less that 24 hours ago and it was a skeleton frame and a pile of thousands of nearly identical gray Legos. I'm in shock that you did all that since I left.

Kudos Alec.

Now you just need to build a same scale Death Star and maybe a same scale version of Tatooine as well, so the death star has some thing to blow up.

Schuyler said...

Simon just about dropped food out of his mouth looking at the size of that thing. How cool!

Dayna Martin said...

Wow! Awesome Lego Set! I can't wait to show Devin when he wakes up! He recently built the smaller version of this set. I am amazed at the patience he has building them.

Alec did an incredible job! The Force was obviously with him as he built it. ;) That thing is HUGE!

~Peace & Love, Dayna