Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Internal Compass/Being Successful

This was asked at the end of our recent interview:
But many parents and educators wonder -- left to their own devices, will kids find their internal compass and succeed in life? Or will they lose their way without the road map of a more structured education?

Wow, left to their own devices, will kids find their internal compass and succeed in life? When I hear that my mind automatically goes to--how do kids find their internal compass within school. How do you know your true self if you're always worried about getting the stuff done that everyone else wants you to do? Really. I know soo many people who still question who they are and don't know what the heck they're doing with their lives. All have been to school.

Left to their own devices? I'm not sure who's leaving their kids to their own devices, but we're not. We're right there along for the ride. We're right beside them livin the life, helping them along and making it the best we can. It's a big jump for people when they hear about radical unschoolers' lives. If the kids are allowed to do what they want, they must just be running around "hog wild". The parents must be just sitting around, not doing a thing. Wrong. There is an in-between and people tend to just skip right over it.

Now, successful? Pretty hard to define success isn't it? Is success making a lot of money? Is it being happy? Is it doing what you like and feeling fulfilled? I believe that in living a life down our path there's much more chance of our definition of success coming to fruition. Which I guess would be being happy and feeling good about your life. There could be a ton more to each pers
on's definition of success but that's a bit of mine. I see way too much unsuccessfulness coming to people who have been schooled, I see too many people who "lose their way" with the road map of a more structured education.

I choose this life.
And they do too.

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Mandy said...

I was going to leave this long comment, but I just have to say, I agree....and my definition of success has changed as well.
(thanks for coming by my blog)