Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Please watch this if you haven't.

Changing the World


Mrs. G. said...

I have seen this and it is so worth watching. This guy is a great teacher.

Zenmomma said...

You've been tagged for the "If I was..." meme. Play along if you dare.


Ren said...

Umm....he had me up until the point he urges everyone to simply "spread the word"
PUHLEEZ! The ONLY way change is going to happen, the ONLY way to avert catastrophe is for each and every person to ACT and quit waiting for policymakers to change anything!

That is such schoolish thinking to me. Get the leaders to make change happen rather than take personal responsibility.

The rest of it was good. People need to change their lives, change their actions. EVERY ONE of us. That is the only way true change ever happens. Good argument for why everyone should take action though.

So what are each of us going to do? Today? Tomorrow? Every day?

Stace & family said...

Ren, I have to agree with you completely.

Very convincing argument but when has spreading the word actually worked!

Like they say, "talk is cheap" and "actions speak louder than words".

kelli said...

But any promotion of it is good. Yes it sounds schooly but the masses are schooly, unfortunately, so maybe this will appeal to the masses.

The more people out there talking about it the better. The more people knowing about it the better.

Some people are at such an opposite end of the spectrum on this subject that just getting them to see that doing little things.. is a step.

That's why I put it up. To also reach people who still don't believe that something is actually happening. There are people out there who still believe that Global Warming and change isn't happening; that it's a myth.

I think that type of thinking is ridiculous but it's there.

Ren said...

Well yeah, talk IS cheap (ok, not MY talk but ya know...lol)
I really don't think there is much disagreement that global warming is happening. I do think there will continue to be argument about whether humans are affecting it.

But that isn't even the main concern anymore for me. Global warming? What about the immediate crisis of peak oil? We're IN a crisis and most people don't even realize it. By the time they do, it will be too late. Talking about it won't do a damn thing. Changing your life will.

kelli said...

We thought that everyone believed it was happening too and then just recently we've ran into people who don't believe it! We couldn't believe what we were hearing.

Abbi was IMing with some people on a role playing message board. The subject came up and a young person she was talking with said "global warming isn't real, it's just scientists making it up to make money". This person wasn't joking. I thought it was a joke at first.

And Kyra just said a friend of hers and her family don't believe in it. Just crazy.

Ren said...

I don't think anyone has to believe in global warming for drastic change to happen though.
Just google "peak oil" and it will give you enough to read for days....
The drastic change will happen because the demand for oil is increasing and production is dropping. That alone will spark a crisis. Global warming is secondary only because survival will depend on food and food will become scarce because of oil shortages.

THAT will wake people up faster than trying to convince them that the climate is changing. Problem is, it might be too late. The crisis is already here.