Monday, January 28, 2008

Playing with Fire

About a week or so ago, we finally got our christmas tree out of the house. It was pretty dry and Tim decided that the fire pit was a good place for it.

I kept asking.."who wants to see how long it'll take the tree to burn?? huh? huh?"

Well, yesterday we finally decided to check it out.

Tim did put a few paper shavings at the base, but man.... it burned quick!

OK Tim, step away from the blaze.


Maybe 5 seconds and it was done.

Kyra and Saddi decided that this distance was good.

We decided Jack Skellington would like this tree :)


Zenmomma said...

Wow! That's so cool.

If it went up in 5 seconds it makes taking the tree down promptly all that more important.

Okay that was the world's most convoluted sentence and I'm too bleary eyed to bother fixing it. ::sigh::

kelli said...

yeah, it's pretty scary how dry they get... eek.

Ronnie said...

Wow! Scary. I guess I have to make a habit of my "miraculously early" (Jan. 2) takedown this year.

Artificial, flame-retardant tree, anyone?

KevinS said...

Hey Kelli, This reminds me of a Sales Meeting I went to in San Francisco. I was enjoying an evening with reps from around country and we ended up at one apartment. The old Christmas tree was still there and they thought it would be funny to toss it out the window into the street. Then another associate thought it would be fun to set it on fire. The police and fire department showed up. I thought I was going to the big house. Hope you are well. I got your blog address from your mom when I was in Moorhead last weekend. Let us know when you get out this way.
Kevin Swanson