Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's official!

We've made the decision...

if all goes well with the house sale (please St. Joseph help our buyer's sell their home!)

we're planning on moving here

We have our eye on a house that is nestled in the hills outside Corvallis. I believe the view may be like this

And even though the home is about 15 minutes from downtown. I'm pretty sure they'll be having to kick us out of here

We're very excited!

Now my hope for all who read this or hear our news is that you can find the joy and happiness in your heart that we are experiencing :)


Deanne said...

How exciting! Wishing you ALL the best! XD

rowan said...

kelli your moving HERE.

tribalmama said...

Quoting Napolean Dynamite:


Frank said...


Speaking as a former Catholic, I'd hafta say: St. Joe rocks the fucking house!

mesmith said...

what Frank said... yeee-ha

balloonatikmama said...

I think I am going to pee myself!!

Can you imagine me there hugging you all and running around jumping and shouting hooray and doing a long and gleeful dance?!?!?!? That's what I am doing! Lyrics: "Hooray for you, hooray for us, hooray for for life (IS GOOD!!), hooray for Effie who has been talking about Kyra and Abbi pretty much daily, what a party we are going to have - every day's a non-con in Corvallis Oregon!!"

[Golly, how do we get the BC government to open an "advanced ed" office or a college in Oregon...?]

I can hardly believe its true, pinch me.

[Rowan I am sending you hugs cause I know how sad we'd be if the shoe were on the other foot]

As much as I can't wait to see the girls, it is the boys I am so excited to have closer - I have such great memories of them at L&L, I am really looking forward to learning more WW.

Love you guys, smooches all round,

love gillian & co in Victoria BC

diana(hahamommy) said...

~your family ♥

Stephanie said...

Awesome Kelli! How exciting for your family.
Enjoy the journey :)

kelli said...

Thanks everyone :)

Rowan, I'm sorry, you know we love you and your family!

It's wonderful hearing from all of you, my family here is sad but I think they'll come around to being happy for us. Change is always hard.

Of course we'll always have our MN connection, we'll be traveling back to visit often after the move.

Laura said...

So, Kelli, do you think that Corvallis is, like, the meeting place, the magnet for the Collective Consciousness? Are we all going to start having dreams and being drawn to Corvallis?

I am feeling like one lonely unschooling mom. You'll have PEOPLE!! People who understand. I have people to EXPLAIN to. Maybe that's necessary, as well ...

So Happy for you. :)

kelli said...

(in a soft meditative hypnotic voice)

" must move to want to move to Corvallis... you would like to live in Corvallis..."

hee hee... (I learned from the best, right Mary?)

Zenmomma said...

Beware my powers. They are vast and subversive. BWAHAHAHAHA!

~Mary, doing the happy dance

jparmer said...

I have been watching this place to find out your moving plans....Corvallis it is, eh? Good luck to you all. And I've put my $.02 in to St. Joseph.

~Jill P

Schuyler said...

Wow! How exciting! I hope you are there when we come so we can crash on your floor and check out your view!

Snavleys said...

I'm feeling the JOY girl, I'm feeling it!!! Mary definitely has some special powers! So maybe we will be next? :)

piscesgrrl said...

Wow!! Yay for you! Yay for Corvallis! Yay for new beginnings!

I gave you an award. So glam on up, and come on over to see. :)

Sandra Dodd said...

So you're moving West and will be closer to us!
WE live in the West too!!!

104 miles closer. Out of 1500+
I can drive 200 miles and still be in New Mexico.

But this does make a trip to Corvallis more tempting!

Ren said...

Um NO...the magnetic pull is right HERE. Duh.
But maybe there's more than one.;)

I'm really, really happy for you guys (enjoy all that rain..snark, snark). Truly! The selfish part is of course saying "You should have moved HERE" wah.
But I know you're all experiencing and doing exactly what you need to for right now.:)

Sierra is still sad of course. More reasons to visit the NW though!

gail said...

I had heard through the grapevine that you were headed to Oregon !

I'm so excited for you all!..(although it is about as far away from us as you could possible get..unless we lived in Key West!

We're coming to Life is Good in May...Hope you'll be there too!

Galavanter said...

We are so excited! What fun it will be to have you guys in town!

Welcome, welcome!

And, hey! The more the merrier! We really can make this the unschooling center of the universe!