Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lord of the Rings Heaven

I haven't been a Lord of The Rings fan for so very long, just since the movies came out. I'm not sure how I missed all the contagion of the books, but I did.

I'm a fanatic now. Indebted forever to Mr Jackson's vision, Tolkein's amazing mind and all the artists whose work went into those movies -- I am now a LOTR's head.

I have this poster hanging in my house... without the autographs (no, this is not me but.. man, I am jealous!)

I sent for my free "collector" box, to house all my extended versions of the dvds. Yes, it looks like that, isn't it cool?

I even got to see the traveling movie exhibit when it was in Boston. :)

Uh huh... I got to see this gown... and Viggo's sword... and Viggo's crown..
wait, Aragorn's that is ;)

I can watch the movies over and over and if I had the time, I would sit for hours and pour over the cool book set I purchased for myself a few years ago as a birthday gift :)

And now I can ... immerse myself (along side my children) right into a virtual Middle Earth, thank you Turbine! It was really easy for us to check out this new game when the price dropped to $19.99, (yes you still have a monthly subscription fee of 9.99, but we did one for a trial and 3 free additional ones for 10 days :D

So, yes, we've taken a break from another MMORPG.. (we still have our accounts) , and are thrilled to be checking out Bag End.

That's me in Bilbo's study! hee hee

Today we may even get to Rivendale! ahhhhhhhh.... a fantasy lover's paradise!


Mrs. G. said...

Having a child who has spent a good deal of time trying to learn the Elvin language, I understand your joy and enthusiasm. I was so thrilled when I heard PJ was making the Hobbit.

Laura said...

Yes! When Meredith was 13 or 14 she researched and wrote her own beautiful, little green leather-bound dictionary of all of the Elvish she could find. Learned a lot about Norse languages and what Tolkien drew from when writing the books. Stuff I had no idea of.

She was really disappointed when she found something similar in a bookstore years later. She thought that the knowledge belonged to her alone.

The game looks beautiful. But WOW is firmly entrenched here. I'll have to show the kids and see what they think. :)

Tina H. said...

Nick and I have long been fans. He more so the movies, although he has read the books thru twice. Myself the books. In fact, I want to read them yet again. Glad to see you becoming addicted. :)

Frank said...

I first read the books in the 60s and played paper-and-pencil "wargaming" versions back in the days before computers and videogames. When the movies were in production I was cynical about what I suspected we'd see on the big screen. I'm happy to have been wrong. I liked the movies very much.

Ren said...

Oooh, yes!! I was super excited that the PJ issue was resolved and he will indeed be making the Hobbit. Waaaay excited.

Oh, and I've got dibs on Viggo M lady. Step away from the hottie.;)

piscesgrrl said...

Oh dear, it looks like there may be a bit of a rumble.. because you see, Viggo is MY secret boyfriend. Sorry, Ren.

You may like this youtube video then - - it's one of our favorites!

I'm off to the unschooling conference in Madison this morning! Where I will get to meet a few bloggers, too. I'll report back! :)

Holly said...

I know it's incredibly irreverent, but we got a huge kick out of this one:

kelli said...

Oh yeah.. lol :)

I had never seen the "we're taking the hobbits to Isengard" one. But we love the "how ---- should have ended" ones *g*

As long as we're talking about youtube and secret boyfriends, Abbi just shared a video with me that I had never seen with a song I had never heard.

She thinks Mrs G will thank her ;)

Here's her blog and it's the "Flattered or Freaked" post (for people reading this later)