Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Header

The current new header probably needs some explanation. (And if you're reading this after 1/4/08 it is no longer the header. The picture is below though :)

I see it as a painting of living life outside the box.

See the box? :)

It was a painting that participants at last year's Live and Learn Conference created. It happened due to the generosity of Jon Kream (and I'm guessing the rest of his family too). Jon gave a talk at last year's conference which I thought was -- an amazing, cut to the chase, "get it now" radical unschooling is amazing, talk. You can download it and listen to it here.

Getting back to the painting... at the end of his talk he spoke of something Rowan, his then 10 year old daughter said, "People who go to school live a paint by number life. Unschoolers have a blank canvas." He then told us all to go outside and create. They brought wonderful paint, brushes and the huge canvas; and as you can see, the rest is history. :) I do have to say though that this isn't the finished product. Everyone kept painting and it took on a whole different look at the end, but this was the point where I wanted to take a photograph.

It does take some braveness, to live this blank canvas life, I believe. Some days, I think, "whoa, what am I going to do with it?" Some days I have to stop and look at my 3 amazing kids that are loving life and living it with such gusto; and then I know. I then know that we're right where we need to be.

Now I ask you to send me some extra energy and good vibes this day. We have our first showing of the house tonight...and I believe we are about to set out on our blank canvas again.

Go go go Jo! We're rootin' for ya St. Joseph!


Mrs. G. said...

I LOVE IT. It's so vibrant and alive...sort of Joni Mitchellish.

Ronnie said...

Fingers and toes crossed!

Stephanie said...

I totally love it! Wow so full of possibilities and no preconceived notions of thou shalt know this at this age crap :)

Stephanie said...

How did you get a red background??? I love red, it's my color :)

kelli said...

Go to Customize at the top of your blog (while you're logged in) Then there should be a tab that says Font and Colors. That's where you can choose colors. Red was an option with my picture that I put up as a header. If red doesn't come up automatically, you should be able to find the red number code some way. I know Abbi found those for me one time, I think they're called alt codes.

Ronnie said...

~Abbiღ said...

Ohh, nonono! This is an old blog post, I know, but I was confused when you asked me "what are those codes again?" (there are a lot of codes for computers. ;) ) The codes you're wondering about are just color codes, or HTML color codes. You may have figured out, looking at Ronnie's post: "".

I just thought I'd clear up that li'l miscommunication. :)

piscesgrrl said...

Ok, yep, i totally missed this post. I think I had a house full of overnight guests then!

That's a great story. It's just beautiful!