Friday, January 04, 2008

California bound

We're going to California, in February. Tim was going to be going to Chicago for a meeting, he asked if we wanted to go to Chicago in February....uh, no. Chicago is a lovely city, but I think I can freeze right here, thank you very much. :) But now his meeting was switched to San Diego... ok, time to rethink travel in February. hmmm, let's see... 50-70 degrees -vs- -15 - 20 degrees ... hard decision., yeah.

So we're going, we'll meet up with him after his meeting and the Carlsbad and Anaheim areas will be our destinations. Gotta see Legoland and Disneyland, and I remember hearing about the Museum of Television and Radio out there. I'm thinking that would be a blast.

If any of you have recommendations... recommend away! Like how many days are needed for Disneyland? And of course, if anyone wants to meet up, let me know, I may have gotten a certain red head from Corvallis to meet up with us ;)

I'm off to do some research and planning... California Dreamin' man.


Zenmomma said...

Ooooh....the Non-Con north is the first weekend in February. Maybe you could start your vacation up in Washington and then move it down to San Diego?

kelli said...

We already have the tickets. :(

Flyin' into LAX...eek! Small town me... in LA! Good thing Diana will be there to help me through it, Yay!

Ronnie said...

Kelli! When will you be in San Diego? We'll be there for my sister's wedding on 2/16!

(fingers and toes still crossed, but for two reasons now!)

Zenmomma said...

Hey! Can we come too?

Frank said...

I say let's do NCN in Everett then just continue the party on down to San Diego.

Works for me!

Oh yeah, with a big stop in Napa Valley for a wine-tasting tour. I need a good, prolonged winery tour when I'm NOT the designated driver!

Yeah, booooyyyyyyeeee!

kelli said...

Oh my gosh Mary, of course! Could you guys???

Ooh.. and Napa..

I'll e-mail you guys details, that would be so much fun!

balloonatikmama said...

Are you serious? I have a travel quote sitting on my kitchen counter - arriving Disneyland Feb 19, departing Feb 26...
WHEN are you going to be there?? Are we just having one big 2008 RU party all year long? Can you keep us in the loop about your plans too, because DL is our most most most favourite place to be next to being with you all - and now we could do both together... my head might explode!

gillian & co

kelli said...

Wow, Gillian, that's crazy! Wonderful crazy! I'll e-mail you with details, but that's about the time we'll be there.

Ren said...

Ha! We were just looking at the skybus prices from Greensboro NC to LAX just for fun tonight. There's no way it'll happen in Feb. but a weekend at Disneyland sounded really fun (especially if I can get $10 tickets on skybus eh?).:)

Have fun you crazy peeps.