Monday, January 21, 2008

A Most Excellent Day

I was awarded the "excellent" blogger award from sweet Laura.

Thank you Laura! :)

I'm going to list some ( yes I read more) *g* of my favorite blogs. They are most excellent reads and they find their home on my iGoogle. Several of these will have probably already been listed on others "excellent" lists but it looks like I can repeat them, cool. They are in no particular order. For those of you that I nominated, it looks as though if you choose to accept this award ***mission impossible music***** you must also nominate at least 10 other blogs.

Happy blog reading~~


diana(hahamommy) said...

both my blogs :) I'm so honored!!
Who has a big challenge to find 10 *more* blogs to nominate...

Stace & family said...

Thanks for that list of blogs.....I found a whole heap more that I really like.
There are so many awesome unschooling blogs out there!
I'm glad for the online support and info 'cos it's just about non-existant where I live in New Zealand.

Ronnie said...

Thanks, Kelli! A very nice nod, from one of *my* favorite bloggers. I've got a cold, so I won't "pick up" my award for a few days, but I wanted to thank you promptly.

We're missing you guys already for Non-Con North, but seeing you in Feb. is the bright spot of a trip to So. Cal. that is bound to be stressful in most other aspects.


Holly said...

Thank you, Kelli!
And congratulations on the move to Oregon! I love the Pacific NW, and I've always wanted to move there, but alas, things are not going in that direction just quite yet...
Can't wait to see how it unfolds for you. I'm sure you'll love it!

kelli said...

I'm also adding
I just love your blog Laura!