Saturday, January 19, 2008

More excitement

Not only are we excited about moving to Oregon, but I just saw where the 2010 Winter Olympics are going to be held.

Vancouver!! (OK, I've missed the news lately. OK, I don't hardly ever watch the news.)

We will be close.. Oregon is close to Vancouver! We will be able to go to some events (if we can afford tickets) but I LOVE the Winter Olympics! And I'll probably see some Bemidji natives.

Gillian and Craig I'm reserving our room for February 2010 now!


Ooh, and Feist will be singing there :)


Tina H. said...

considering that we know NO ONE here in Ft. Wayne that is an unschooling family, Corvallis seems the place to be. Good luck in your next journey and stage of living.

Ronnie said...

You guys have to stop and stay with us on your way north! :-)

And in case there was any doubt: We are ON for Disneyland on the 2/18. Can't wait!

Madeline said...

I'm smiling big for you from down under! Yay! What a good choice and yes, Vancouver will be a blast as well - I have good friends who live there; it is so beautiful.

mesmith said...

the reserved sign has been hung.
you can see it for yourself the couple times you come up here prior to the Olympics!