Thursday, January 24, 2008

My First Thursday Thirteen

These are the 13 Things that warm my heart on Cold January mornings, figuratively and literally..

and we all know I need warmth on mornings like these:

1. My stuffed Backyardigans sitting on my kitchen window sill.

Yes, I love the show. Kyra and I will watch them and sing along. We love the color, imagination, the adventure and yes.... even the voices. :)

2. My slippers.

I Love Acorn brand stuff, one step into them and you will never want another brand of slipper. You'll think *kooosh* as you step into them. Although I think mine are in the later phases of their "kooosh".

3. My new coffee maker.

Tim got me this maker for christmas. It cranks out the delicious beverage in the utmost haste and temperature that a true coffee addict can admire. (sorry for the glare on that photo..eek!)

4. Favorite coffee mug.

This is a mug I picked up from a cute artsy town in Virginia, named Floyd. The Lovejoy's dream home destination. I originally bought the mug
for my dad, his name is Floyd. But, as I held it and thought about it I thought it would only bring my large fingered father frustration and stress so I kept it. Not only is the finger hole small but the bottom is multi-faceted... so easy spillage.

Well, I do believe fate taught me a lesson in my egotism, thinking I could avoid the spill. Should one place a multi-faceted mug near a keyboard?

I am now without a certain wireless keyboard.

5. These 3, of course.


6. My phone

with the words on it saying "new text message from Tim's cell"

7. Our floor heat in the basement and garage

Isn't this wall just amazing? Can you see the little tubes going into the ground? All of those things attached to the wall are part of the whole floor heat thingy. I thought of Scotty when I took this picture. I think he'd like it. I'm not sure what's in that barrel but I'm thinkin' it's scary lookin'..

8. The coffee

A Mexican French roast, the best I've ever tasted, from a little coffee shop in International Falls, MN. Do you see the shininess of the bean, the richness of color...oooohh... aaahhhhhh. Now that being said, the Sunnyside Up does have some fantastic coffee. I'm sure once we're out there I'll have the time to find one that is just as good. And I'm looking forward to that!

9. The Morning Show with Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole

and The Current both on Minnesota Public Radio.

If you enter my kitchen area in the morning, these are the shows you'll hear. I listen to them right on my computer as I go through e-mail and peruse my igoogle with my fav blogs :) The Morning Show is hilarious and has really fun music and skits. The Current will have new music and classic old stuff too. Love them both.

10. igoogle

diana told me of this wonderful resource from google. You can load your favorite things right onto it, which in my case are blogs. Not only do I like the blog aspect but I get at the top what it's like outside... yeah I can look outside or look at a clock, but how fun is that??? hee hee...I like the header setting thingy :)

11. A new blog. (To me anyway) I missed this one for my "excellent" nominations.

Laura in Virginia is CenterDownHome. I love her blog. I love the colors, the images, and the words she writes. I'm sorry I missed your blog, Laura, You are MOST excellent.

12. Blueberry pancakes

yum, what can I say. Warm, sweet, blueberry goodness...along side, of course, my coffee.

and finally

13. My computer.

It is now the oldest computer in our house but it's my workhorse. It's my connection with the rest of the world, from my existence here in northern MN. Tim was kind enough to pick up more memory and.. hmm.. something else for it this winter, so I can actually play WoW with it, again. Check out my kick ass screen! (that's pretty new too) And notice I picked a flat bottomed mug today (look diana, it's your mug!)

Well, that was fun! Maybe I'll do another one sometime :)


Mrs. G. said...

I like your thirteen things.

Zenmomma said...

Now I just want to come over and hang out with you in the morning!

kelli said...

Thanks Mrs g!

And Mary, come on over... or, you will be able to, very soon, much easier, in our new home :)

Scotty said...

I miss having the current on my clock radio (and i really miss john gordon calling the twins games on the AM dial!), but i am comforted in knowing that i can listen to the Current anytime i'm near a computer... which is, well, most of the time.

now if i can only figure out how to get john gordon on the radio...

oh! and i do like the photograph of the cool heat exchanger. i especially like the worker's bootprint on the panel :)

after we're all settled, may i come over for breakfast? it's quieter in your kitchen than in our favorite restaurant ;)

mesmith said...

Oh man that's cold! Austin's mouth is frozen shut. Chuck all that furry clothing in the garage sale when you head out to the coast. The cash will come in handy when purchasing all those rain-slickers you'll be needing.

kelli said...

yes, Scotty you are very welcome to join me in the kichen in the a.m.

although I'm sure I'll be at that fav restaurant quite a bit too :) Yay!

and Craig you crack me up, Austin does look a bit chilled in that picture, *g* he's like "wtf am I doing here??"

Rachel said...

Your 13 things helped warm me up too! And now, thanks to you, I've spent the afternoon loading up my iGoogle with lots of blogs so I can spend my mornings checking in on everyone. What a great idea! Thank you (and Diana)!

Laura said...

Thank you for the mention, Kelli --that was sweet. I am bad at getting awards. I think that I am supposed to pass them along, but all of the blogs that I read read EACH OTHER's blogs. There is some very incestuous awarding going on, I say. :)

Gotta go try that google thing ...

Snavleys said...

Man, you've got it all....a mug, a coffee maker, a pair of slippers, a computer. What else is there?

Linda said...

I found you through Mrs. G's comment links. I'm in Minnesota and I too love Jim Ed and Dale. Thanks for the comment about the Virginia town named Floyd. My hubby's dad's name was Floyd and if I can read it right from your photo - that mug says Republic of Floyd? I'm going to try to find one for him. Lovely blog, I'm glad I found you. I'll be back!