Sunday, August 19, 2007

What are we cookin' ? Can ya guess?

Remember Abbi was at French camp

And I think we'll try it on rice

And he's not in it ;)


Madeline said...

I'm stumped. I thought for sure it was ratatouille. We might be doing a french cooking take-off at the talent show - if the kids don't get too scared.

kelli said...

aww.. I'm sorry, I mixed you up. I meant he's not in our Ratatouille ;)

My bad :)

Abbi liked it at French camp so we made it here. We ate it, Alec didn't want to though, and I can't quite eat it cold like some French do as a left over. :)

Madeline said...

ooo, cold ratatouille...I'm with you. But hot! So good.

Scotty said...

oh man! how wonderful! i'm in the position of having a whole buncha stuff from our W.E.E.G.L. garden patch, and not much time to utilize any of it. no cukes for me, but a whole pile of tomatoes, Anaheim, green, jalapeƱo, and habanero peppers. spicy!

this looks like a great idea, as i've cleaned out my cupboards, with the exception of rice and pasta.

(W.E.E.G.L. = Wumpus Extremely Extreme Gardening League, a non-destructive offshoot of W.E.E.S.L, the Wumpus Extremely Extreme Shooting League)