Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Europe crazed

We're hoping to go to Europe soon. OK, so when ever we get our passports and it's 2008, cuz Tim can take more vacation, we're out of here.

Here's just another reason why we want to hit Paris... The Shins in Paris Thanks to Craig for enlightening me to the Shins... I like them :) Oh, and I've also come across an unschooling family who is in Europe right now...too cool

Last night I was woken up by Tim and Abbi..."come here, come here! Gotta show you an e-mail!" Tim had gotten an e-mail detailing the Holiday Inn type hotels that takes points, all across Europe. Hotels that take our points = free rooms for us :) Most of these roooms are near airports, so not that great for sightseeing, but they can still sure help the travel budget. Get to the location, stay in hotel near airport, then move closer to city for sightseeing adventures.

I love the diversity of the area. Pretty blue skies, and water...and grey misty moisture covered it all!

Back to preparing for the trip at large :) (OK, and that view ain't so bad either ;)


Snavleys said...

Fun!! The planning is fun too so enjoy.

Scotty said...

we spent two years planning our fifteen days in europe! it was beyond amazing, and though we overspent (no holiday inns in Cherbourg, Aachen or Bastogne), i wouldn't trade the memories for anything!

don't forget to bring your towel.