Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Beautiful Quote

Some one from Unschooling Discussion brought this
to the list today. Wow...1936.

"There is, of course, this matter of being afraid
to give freedom to
young children. I believe they have that within
themselves which makes
it possible for them to meet the world and life,
and interpret it more
nearly aright than can we. They carry with them
that inheritance of
faith and imagination undimmed; and that
tremendous surging desire to
know, to see, to feel and to do, which is rarely
betrayed. In our
desire as adults to lay hold of a child's life,
to grip it, mold it to
our own values, we do unwittingly a great harm.
We confront children
with our own fears, our own lack of faith; to
safeguard them we
attempt to thrust between them and life those
many false illusions
which we have picked up in our own twisting,
turning way. Children
take a far more advantageous highroad. A free
child is a happy child;
and there is nothing more lovely . . ."

-- Ruth Sawyer, in her acceptance speech upon
winning the Newbery
Award for Roller Skates, 1936


tribalmama said...

Love it! Of course, you don't mind if I steal it and post it on my blog, right?

kelli said...

Spread the word! :)

Jessica said...

We have a few books from the early 1930s (Herbert the Lion, notably) that are so child focused and truly respectful. I want to learn more about that time, but with the onset of the Depression there was not a lot of attention to child rearing.
Thanks for adding to my unschool-y research!