Thursday, August 02, 2007

My heart goes out to the people in Minneapolis right now. We've had an awful event occur in our state. A bridge collapsed that goes over the Mississippi River , at rush hour. :( All our family and friends that live down there are OK. We do have a very good friend who is a fire fighter down there. He was working it last night, I'm sure he'll be affected deeply. Scary stuff. Right now we're all thinking about the 20-30 people who are missing...

I'll get my fill of news coverage before Kyra gets up. She gets overwhelmed with all the images of this type of tragedy. As do most of us.

Peace and comfort to all those people who were affected, either in the crash or helping to recover.


Ren said...

Really scary. One of my greatest fears is my car going into water while the kids are with me.

Maybe driving over bridges for the better part of 10 years did that to me! When we were driving back home after hurricane Ivan, all I could think is "this damn bridge is going to collapse" (one whole side was closed from damage and it was the only bridge open to the entire area).

You just don't think one will collapse out of the blue like that. I'm glad a lot of people were ok.

diana-still-evolving said...

didja see the school bus?? One more reason to add to my "I'm so glad I homeschool!" list

Vicki said...

How scary, I have a fear of tunnels collapsing on me, but never a bridge before. Dang.

So hey, you guys are moving? Maybe hitting the road? That's so cool. I would definitely recommend it while your're looking for a new place to live. You'll never know until you try it, and that includes the stubborn teen. :)