Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Unadulterated Fun

Another Scott Noelle:

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Unadulterated Fun ::

When parents take their jobs too seriously, they
cease to appreciate their children's childlike
innocence. They start to care more about being
than having fun. They think they're being

but really they're being "adulterated." :-)

"Childlike" is not the same as "childish," which
is when a child behaves like a caricature of an
adulterated adult. Childlike adults seek
unadulterated fun: responsible but light-hearted
and playful.

Today, let your child's commitment to fun inspire
you to relax and be more childlike. And when

tempted to take parenting too seriously -- to
"adulterate" -- just tell yourself, "Thou shalt

commit adultery." :-)


I think this is so true. I think that if we can be unadulterated in our lives, living a free unschooled life can come so easily. Let the fears and worries go. Trust your child and the child inside you :)

I was thinking about this yesterday as I was playing Guitar Hero with Kyra. I'm really not very good but it sure was fun. The joy she gets from playing it...wow, so cool.

We're amidst packing and getting ready for our trip down to NC. We'll be going to our 5th Live and Learn Conference. 5th!! I can't believe it.

Some images from past years' conferences

I think I see some unadulterated fun!

Some of my fun lately :P

Go have some Unadulterated fun!


Deanne said...

I can't wait to see you and everyone else!!!! You guys already started packing?! I guess I better start too. ;P

mesmith said...

I hereby challenge you to a Guitar Hero duo of ineptitude. The winner is whoever makes Hayden laugh so hard he spits out his cocoa puffs,

kelli said...

hehe, he would love that and I'm sure the cocoa puffs would fly (speaking for myself anyway ;) Although I did make it through a medium level We've Got the Beat. Or was that because Kyra was playing with me???


tribalmama said...

loo-oove! the purple hair! :)

diana-still-evolving said...

Oh yeah, it is ON!! We're bringing the full-on GH set up... I can't wait!!! BTW Craig, you'll LOVE playing bass for the go-go's... we'll even slip you some lip gloss and some hair gel, you can channel Kathy... When I'm on guitar, I love to pretend I'm jane ;)

Laura said...

Wish I could join y'all at the L&L - but it is not to be. I love the adulterated message - need to spread that one around, m'thinks. And i love your hair! You go, grrrl.

kelli said...

Aww.. Laura wish you could be there too. It is an amazing event.

I better go...gotta practice Guitar Hero ;)

Madeline said...

Oooo, the purple is so sassy and witchy!

kelli said...

Oooo.. Madeline.. lol. Maybe that's why I like it ;) Alec says, "A WITCH...Burn the WITCH!" (a little Holy Grail for ya) *g*