Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We love music

yeah, we do. It's usually going on one way or another in our house. Right now I have Patty Griffin's latest cd playing in the kitchen and I hear Abbi working on the piano in the living room.

Abbi's decided to give the note reading thing a try again. We had tried out a piano teacher this last year but it wasn't a good fit for us. So learning to read music came to an end for a bit. She really wasn't very excited about the books that we had gotten from the piano teacher. They were really boring to her. She plays by ear a lot. She can pick out a tune like nobody's business, but you can just see how she wants to do more.

This week Alec found the song Mad World. Someone had made a video with scenes from Serial Experiments: Lain (one of his fav anime shows right now) and Mad World is the background music. (OK, and now I see lots of people have made videos using that anime and that song ;) He asked me if I had ever heard of Gary Jules, I'm like... hehe, yeah. We found him from watching Donnie Darko. I thought Alec had heard us playing it after the movie but he hadn't. He loves the song. We sat and looked at the Gary Jules video too. I keep thinking I've heard Carly Simon sing it.. am I going crazy? I can't find that version anywhere...anyone else ever heard it sung by her?

I started thinking, hmmm.. I wonder if I can get the sheet music for it. I found a web site that you can download music from it and its about $5.00 for Mad World. Well, heck, had to try it out. So I printed it out and started playing it on the piano. Alec and Abbi were downstairs at the time and they both come running up with big grins on their faces. So I've been playing it and Abbi has been playing it and learning to read music from it. She gets a bit frustrated, and I'm like, "Yeah, it has 3 flats girl!" :) She has no time for boring beginner music, she's gonna learn how to play the piano her own way and it will be to Mad World or Final Fantasy X :) (I also found that music, free on the computer. Such a pretty song.) Here's a longer version that isn't what I got ;)

Good job Alec, you've inspired us yet again.


Madeline said...

I love that song and hadn't known who did it. thanks! I loooove the video as well. What a great beginning song to learn on the piano. Not too hard and so much cooler than "Toreodor" which I remember my brother banging out again and again, miserably.

kelli said...

And she's done it! She knows the whole thing :) She's learned quite a few notes and she's pretty much memorized the whole song. She learns it so differently than I do. I'm totally a note reader, can pick out things by ear but not like her.

That song might make an appearance at the L & L, I'm hoping Alec will sing, I love his voice :)

Madeline said...

Tell them I will bring them belgian chocolate if they will do it!

Madeline said...

OOOO! I hope so! I've added the song to my play list. I wish we had a piano. Tell your kids I can' t wait to see them play and sing.