Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Visitors are coming!

Our first visitors from Minnesota are coming today!

Yep, these two! My dad has a Korean War Veteran get together in Charlotte so we're going to travel over there for that. Anyone know of fun stuff to do there?

We also have some fun projects planned, which is important for my dad, he's quite the worker. So for him ;) we're going to start framing up the basement and finish a loft for Kyra's bed.

Kyra worked all day yesterday on this,

it's going to be a high queen bed loft.

This will free up some space in her room. She's planning on putting an artist's/drafting type of table under it. She's really excited and was really pooped last night from working on it!

For my mom.. sewing and crocheting projects. Kyra loves to sew but I'm a bit inept at it. I can use a needle and thread but when it comes to a machine.. let's just say it's not good. So we're hoping Grandma can help Kyra work on a skirt that she has going in her head.

She's hoping to make something like this:

Should be fun!


Tina said...

Family always brings another dimension, doesn't it?

Ren said...

Just walking around downtown Charlotte is cool. There are lotsa good eats and art.:)

They have a Trader Joes and an REI. Who needs anything else? lol

Have fun!

Rinnyboo said...

There is also Carrowinds...it's a Paramount theme park. Have fun!

Silvia said...

I like that skirt! I'd love to make something like that for myself.