Tuesday, September 02, 2008

On the road again..,

Looks like it's that time of year again.

Hair is colored.

The house vehicle is decorated.

And the stuff is almost all packed.

We'll be leaving in the morning for the last Live and Learn. We're pretty dang excited to be driving there. Pretty excited because other years we've driven up to 24 hours to get there; this time.. 3 1/2.. YES! Let the fun begin!

Can't wait to see everyone!


Stephanie said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it.
I really wanted to go this year but stuff happens so we won't be there.

mindy said...

OMG! I need to know what dye you guys use! We have not been terribly successful with colors, esp blue! You have to share your secrets!

Zenmomma said...

Have fun!

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

For us, it was not Meant to Be. But I know that it will be an amazing time for everyone there.

That hair is so great!

debra said...

I'm glad to have found your blog.
Have a great time!! We're going to an unschoolers' campout in Ohio tomorrow.
Must be the weekend for it.

Snavleys said...

Give my sis a big hug, will ya?

Anonymous said...

great hair!!!
and the car is awesome as well.
enjoy. can't wait to hear about via the blog.

Kimba said...

looking forward to your post about how much fun it was! Love the hair color -- we did an impromptu coloring (using kool-aid) at my house and it was so much fun. Personally, I'm a special effects woman myself.

Ren said...

There were lotsa hugs.:)
Sorry I missed you guys leaving...but it was great to be living and learning all week together.

See you in November!!