Thursday, September 18, 2008

Playing and playing or Secret Boyfriend?

We've been...

playing with friends.
playing with new games.
and Alec is playing his new drum set! He just got it today and he loves it.

It's really cool because it's one you can hook up to Rock Band or play on its own. (and if you didn't know... Rock Band 2 came out and there are tons of new songs on it ;)

He's still waiting for the "brain" which allows the drum to be played on it's own but until then he'll keep our heads bangin' with songs from Rock Band.

I've quite enjoyed Spirit in the Sky and We've Got the Beat. My right arm is now aching from playing Rio by Duran Duran.. and Hungry Like the Wolf is on there

yes, I loved Duran Duran...ok, I still love Duran Duran

Wait you can't see John Taylor very well in that picture.. let me help you. Oh and I think he got better with age..

Whoa.. I think my 16 year old self made a resurgence...

And now back to our regular blog programming...


springtreeroad said...

i was a complete durannie throughout the 80s and early 90s. jaunty jt is still my favorite too.

he has definitely gotten even better with age. ;)

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

This really takes me back. :) One of the editors at the paper where I was working hired me to do a big ol' poster sized drawing of Duran Duran for his daughter. that wasn't you was it?

I'm disappointed the boys don't seem more interested in the new Rockband. That could change. Keep us posted on how you guys like it!

Snavleys said...

Wow, Duran Duran! I haven't seen a picture of them in a long while. They sure looked older to my wee 14 year old self:)

ladybug-zen said...

i, too, was a HUGE D2 fan. every square inch of my room was covered with posters of them. wow!

btw, did you know they are trying to make a come back?