Saturday, September 27, 2008


We've been taking
walks and runs

to the lake

Making new friends...*gulp* (anyone know what this is? Looks like some kind of ant, it was HUGE) ... I just looked it up and I think it's a velvet ant, which it says is actually a wasp? You should have seen me chasing it around the shore of the lake trying to get it's picture. I'm glad it ignored me. Maybe it's not a stinging wasp/ant?..

Painting Abbi's room.
Which... I've grown to like painting since I will put a movie or 4 in and listen while I paint. As I took this picture the song Falling Slowly was playing as the end credits from Once were running. I just love the movie and the music. When we painted Kyra's room I got the whole extended version of Lord of the Rings in... nice.. :)

Painting more on Kyra's room
Kyra's design

Loving the new drum set.
This is with Rock Band 2, but later this month the brain of the set comes so it can be played on it's own.

Enjoying eating steak on the deck,
which is grilled to perfection by the Tim-man. Look at Abbi diggin' in. We ate earlier, she wanted to get a run in before so Tim waited to do her's, did I say "perfection" ? Grilling a steak is serious business to Tim.

Happy Saturday everyone


Stephanie said...

Very cool painting!

I saw a velvet ant here a few weeks ago. I had to google it to see what it was because I had never seen one before.

I love unschooling!

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Okay, you've answered my ant question here, but what are those blue-green metallic flies? The insect world is sure purty. :)

Ha! Mark takes his steak grilling seriously as well, but he gets so nervous, it's touching. He stands over us as we cut into his steaks: "Is it rare enough? Too rare? Do you want me to put it back on the grill for a lttle longer?" We all get a kick out of trying this method for testing doneness:

I didn't know Abbi was a runner! Jesse and I went to the Maymont Xcountry festival this weekend, and I found myself wishing that I were a runner. They are like a different species. Wistful sigh. Maymont is a 100 acre estate complete with "Gilded Age" mansion that was donated as a public park to Richmond. Rolling hills and stately trees and gardens, and hundreds of runners participating in the festival. It was so amazing. :) Do you think if I get up off of this computer chair and walk the dog around the trail, I'll be a runner by next year? Don't answer that.

Your beautiful family looks like they're settling into Georgia joyfully!

laura said...

omigosh...those ants freak me out. did it squeak?? i swear once years and years ago i saw one and i was positive that it was squeaking!!!

love the idea of listening to a movie while you paint (or do anything time consuming). we've been cleaning all weekend and music is usually on. then the kids put in videos they recorded from fox (family guy, etc) and so i got to listen to that instead. interesting stuff that is.

so you guys can walk to a beautiful lake??? very lucky you!

Zenmomma said...

I listen to books on tape when I paint. It really makes the job so much easier.

Your new home looks wonderful!

Madeline said...

You've been so productive! "Once" - sigh - one of my all time favorite songs and movies.

Isn't it great the extra burst of energy we are getting now to go out and be physical now that it isn't so hot!