Thursday, September 18, 2008

Autumn is coming

It's cooling off. We can really feel a change in the weather. I think fall is near :) As we were walking the dog last night I mentioned to Tim that I thought it probably wasn't this warm in Bemidji right now. It was around 65-70 and it felt nice. Yeah, I know, pretty obvious but you kind of forget when you're away from it.

We were able to enjoy our deck too. We ate some dinner out there and I put a mum plant out. In Minnesota the leaves would be turning
quite a bit by now, they're just starting a little bit here. These next seasons are going to be something that I've never experienced. This fall and winter will be something totally new. I can actually plant in the fall. People put out pansies and they live until it gets too hot! I can't wait, I love pansies. When I was in Norway, so many of the houses had window boxes with them. They were the biggest pansies I'd ever seen! Maybe we'll make some flower boxes.

Usually at this time of year it does seem like the earth is getting ready for a big sleep. For us this year it seems like it's just going to take a brief rest.

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