Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today show, "Let the kids Play"

This video clip was shared at the Live and Learn discussion list.

I think it's definitely worth watching. I don't agree with not letting the kids have certain things, but over all... Let the kids PLAY!


Rachel said...

Hey, Kelli. I watched the clip and agreed, yeah, let the kids play. Of course! Glad it's out there in such a public place. And then the second half of that clip includes the next related interview, with a guy who wrote the book, "Scream Free Parenting," and it sounds like it might be interesting, and he says kids need less structure to have time to play, create, which all makes sense. And then he says a couple of things that make me go, "Whaaa?" Then he says he was writing the book the "Scream Free Marriage" with his wife which by the end might need to be called the "Scream Free Divorce" (I know he's trying to be funny, but it just made me feel so sad) And if that is not enough, at the very last part of the interview, he says "'Scream Free Parenting' doesn't really work either. You should not see me with my kids. But buy this book." Or something along those lines. ????

Again, I say, "Whaaaa?" I guess I can take consolation in the fact that most of the people who watch it will be so radically shifted by the idea that their kids need more free time to play, that bubbles are better than Leapfrog toys, etc, that they won't focus on those lines. But ugh, it just makes me cringe to hear them. Ugh, they brought on this guy who wrote a book with such an evocative title, and he was so utterly disappointing. :(

kelli said...

Yeah, I know. I didn't like his story about his son sitting in the office with nothing but tape. I think people do go to the extremes, "no electronics!" or "all 'educational' toys". How about having lots of different things and letting our kids choose? :)

So yeah, the guy wasn't the greatest and he probably did a disservice for his book sales ;)

but the over-all tone of stop over scheduling your kids is what I liked :)

Rachel said...

Right, I agree with you about the overall message. I thought perhaps you hadn't watched the part at the end, which I was about to stop until I realized it was "related." And then I heard the book title and thought it might be insightful. :) But you're right, it's not that the electronic toys should be made out to be bad either, just that the kids should be free to do what they like. That's the bigger point. :)

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

It's kind of amusing, isn't it, that the message is STILL not about trusting yourself and your kids. "The Experts say ..." Like okay, Sheep-Parents, if the experts say "educational toys" the herd goes that way, if the experts say "more play", hold it, Sheep-Parents, change course. Don't think things out for yourself, because here is another expert to tell you what to do.

Thanks for the clip, Kelli -- it made me think.

Sorry for the long comment, but did you see the Today Show bit about kids and exercise balls? Maybe a year ago? Fitness Experts were talking about kids and exercise, specifically those big inflatable exercise balls, and they had actual kids in the studio to demonstrate. They instructed the kids on different balance techniques and specific exercises. "Now, Tommy, balance on your stomach and lift one leg. Feel that? This develops your 'core' muscles. Isn't that great?" FOR GOD'S SAKE -- move the furniture and let those kids PLAY, dammit. Let them bounce and roll and fall and giggle, you Idiot Experts.

Um, sorry about that rant. :/