Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cooler breezes

We're getting a wonderful reprieve from hot weather. It's not humid and down right beautiful. It's 68 right now! (Ok, so it's only 8:41 a.m., but still!) I'm a morning person so I get to enjoy it while it lasts. And today it's only supposed to get to 82.

So yes, we're surviving the heat, if you're all wondering.

The last few weeks have basically been like winters up north, just the other extreme, we just stay in or go to places that have air conditioning. We do have the neighborhood pool but we kind of had to avoid the hot times too because of the sun. I think we've all gotten rid of some of our northern whiteness ;) (except maybe Tim's feet! )

Some things we've been doing, besides unpacking and settling:

New video game playing! There's a new Soul Caliber and that's been really fun. Also.. we got Wii fit. Which I've decided I like the old fashioned yoga over Wii fit yoga, but Wii fit it still fun. Kyra has enjoyed Guitar Hero for her DS, you put little keys right on your DS as the strings, very cool.

Alec has been enjoying his new computer. We gave each one of our kids some money from the Bemidji house sale and he decided to buy a new computer. It is an amazing computer. Very fast and with a huge screen. I kept asking him, "are you sure you want a screen that bit?" and he kept reassuring me. *g* He's very happy with it. He's also trying out a new game with the new computer, Crysis. It's a very demanding game so his other computer wouldn't have even been able to play it. World of Warcraft is still in his life about 4 evenings a week. He gets together with his guild and brings down a boss or 2. The big screen is amazing with that game too.. he was telling me how with his old computer he couldn't see that far ahead of himself and now he can see far and wide.

Some Abbi activities: reading, playing and writing on the computer, bracelet making. She read the lastest in the Twilight series and really liked it. I'm going to start it now so we can talk about it. She isn't too happy about it coming out in movie form. The movies don't ever live up to how she sees the book. She still plays a bit on WoW and writes some on her cat forums. The bracelets she's been making are really cool. They're weaved ones from embroidery thread. She picks up those things so quick!

Kyra has been in heaven with all the swimming we've been doing and spending time with friends. She's so happy to be able to be playing with friends. :) She was a constant grin while we were in Florida. And the swimming... she loves it. She had me showing her all of the different strokes the last couple of times we've been down at the pool. Then she's off to try them out, back and forth, lap after lap. I think watching the Olympics has also inspired her a bit too. After swimming the other night, we came home and checked out Youtube videos of synchronized swimming. She thought that was REALLY cool. We were happy to see that there will be synchronized swimming coming up in the Olympics too.

Tim is being challenged learning all about the heart and also helping us with the fine tuning of computers, TVs and game systems. He had his first ride with yesterday, with his boss and he had a really good day. His manager is originally from MN, so they have lots to talk about :)

So there ya go, a glimpse of what we've been up to and now it's time to get off the computer because it's hair coloring time and we're also going to start painting Kyra's room. There will be pink, blue and green in the coloring and painting, can you guess which is going on her hair and which on her walls??


Tina said...

I loved this post. You really described everyone so well and it is neat to picture where everyone is your lives. Thanks.

Stephanie said...

It looks like everyone is settling in nicely.
I'm glad it hasn't been too hot for you...yet :)

Like Tina I like these posts too, we are all sharing our lives and it's just so damn cool!

gail said...

Very cool to hear what's going on, Kelli. You're right about Tim's feet! Saw the house pictures from Broc's "breaking and entering" next door to you. Beautiful. Both he and Logan want to pack up and move. I'm pretty caught up in dealing with Brenna leaving..can't begin to tell you how tough that is. Talk with you soon.

Sandra Dodd said...

My guess: all three colors on her hair and all three in the bedroom too (maybe not all at once, or today).

Madeline said...

I love hearing about the every day as well. Maybe Abbi would want to teach us (and others) how to do the embroidery bracelets at Gillen (and now Sophie's) bracelet fun shop? Or, some other time. You're near now. We can stalk you. ; )

Zenmomma said...

I'm guessing pink for Kyra's hair and blue and green for the walls?

kelli said...

Pink and blue on her head, green on the walls :)

dharmamama said...

ooh, I guessed right! I keep expecting this blog to look *completely* different when I visit... because you've MOVED! LOL Each time, there's this little... oh, I thought she moved... then, DUH. The internet doesn't move! Or, it's moving all the time, not sure which.

Kurt said...

I bet 68 felt good. It been in the 50s up north, don't ya know. I think you should start looking south cuz something called "Fay" looks to come for a visit. Let's hope she doesn't become a hurricane! Have Alec send me the specs on the computer he ended up getting. Watching the Twins right now and Buddy is out cold on the floor next to me. Later gator!

Ren said...

I SWEAR that I guessed pink and blue on the head before I saw your comment. Dang!

I've now had about four people mention the Twilight books, so I guess it's time to buy them. :)

Zenmomma said...

Tag, you're it! Show us your quirks. :o)