Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's raining

which is good. If you are at all familiar with Lake Lanier, you know it's at a very low level. We live very close to the lake, so we see how low it is every day. Tropical storm Fay was a good thing for the lake and for anyone trying to grow things down here.

But on the flip side, we're getting a little stir crazy. We haven't been able to do much outside since Sunday, which was a bit of a damp outing too, but it was still fun.

Nic, Abbi, Alex, Ella and Gillen enjoying the river. Ella can find music to dance to everywhere!

Here's most of the group as we waited for the rain to subside a bit.

A picture taking red head..
who dat? hee hee

So we've been having fun inside. Much Soul Caliber 4 has been played as well as Rock Band.
I love this picture. Look at Alec with Jesse. They really hit it off, love of the gaming world was shared between these two guys.

If you're wondering what's on Gillen's head (boy in light blue shirt) it's a head crab.. you can google Half-life 2 if you really want to know more about that. ;)

We've also watched a few movies and played Apples to Apples (love that game!)

I keep thinking.. "got to get out and see something, got to get out and see something" for our visitor's (Nic) sake. But everyone is quite happy. Yesterday afternoon we did get a few hours of reprieve from the rain and they ran down to the pool and swam a bit. Nothing like swimming in a pool that is level with the deck. They had fun.

So we'll see if it clears up today and contemplate some other activities. I'd love to check out Atlanta's Six Flags but they won't be open if it keeps raining like it has been. We could go into Atlanta and check out the museums but that doesn't sound like it's on the top of the boys' lists.

If anything... we always have Saddi.


Anonymous said...

Hehee Saddi looks like she is gonna smuck someone! Lol :D

mindy said...

What a great way to spend rainy days! Soul Caliber is definitely on everyone's vision list around here! And we love Apples to Apples...very cool connections in that game.

Madeline said...

I love that Gillen's hat is called a head crab, since it isn't living! The boys asked me how soon we can get our car serviced at mall of GA so that we can go back to your place. We all had such a great day.