Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some of Alec's recent discoveries

Alec may be pulling out his cello from the closet.

He finds the coolest music. Nothing like symphonic metal, something I had never heard of until he shared it with us. That's what Nightwish is considered.

Here's another little bit that he shared with me. I'm not much of a metal head, but I did play violin for about 10 years so when he digs up these things it really pulls on my heart strings.

Yeah, Metallica with The San Francisco Symphony. Crazy.. but cool.


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Huh, those are amazing. I want to show them to Jesse and Owen.

Has Alec heard of Buckethead? Lately Jesse has been fascinated with his stuff. He got his guitar teacher to help him work on a Buckethead piece.

I love watching them find things that they're excited about. They're "strewing" for me these days. I never would have come across symphonic metal or Buckethead on my own, that's for sure. Pretty sure, anyway.

Madeline said...

That was so new to me. I love cello. If I weren't too old (even John Holt learned it by now, and he was old) I'd pick it up. Alec has the height for it!

Anonymous said...

cool indeed. i love the cello. i think it is divinely inspired. and weird...lately it's been circling about everywhere...i've been reading blog posts about the cello or hearing people talk about it. the other day i saw two different people walking through a train station in tokyo carrying...yes, a cello.
something's up.

kelli said...

I'll have to show Buckethead to them. It sounds familiar to me but I'm not positive I've seen them. Yeah, and as far as strewing, we do it for each other, back and forth :)

Madeline and ladybug-zen, I love the cello too, such a wonderfully mellow sound; even when they're playing Metallica! *g*

Ren said...

Ooh, buckethead is awesome. Totally amazing guitarist.

We've been talking about heavy-metal violin lately....there's a Tantric song with a very "metal" sounding violin in it. I was just saying this morning that I love it so much because it's such a perversion of what the violin was intended for.

Mozart and other classical composers would be shocked.;)