Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Northern Florida

We had a great time this weekend. Before we left, I was questioning even going. I was feeling so tired and overwhelmed with the move and didn't want to go anywhere. Well... I am so glad I went.

How wonderful is it to hang out with such amazing friends? Let me show you.

Here's Kyra and Duncan rocking in the screened porch.

We spent a lot of time in that room.

We talked glasses and everyone tried mine on, (OK, I wanted to see everyone in them!)

Gail and Broc looked pretty darn good! Go Broc!

And Kelly and Ben too!

Brenna just shines, as always.

And there's my sweet heart!

On Saturday we tubed on the Ichnetucknee River, the water was a bit cold since it was a little overcast and rainy but it felt so refreshing! The surroundings were so beautiful. The trees and the greenery were so wonderful, so tropical looking to us.

I love looking at the moss hanging off the trees. It just mesmerizes me.

I don't have any pictures while we were on the river because I swam a lot, but Gail had her camera and maybe she'll post some.

Here we are getting our tubes. They strap them right onto the vehicles!

And after, relaxing and eating a bit.

And now a warning to people who don't like spiders...

I had to take a picture of this guy. These banana spiders were everywhere and this guy was outside of our cabins. B I G spider....

Now a more pleasant sight...

There was a spot along the Suwanee River where they had a rope to swing out into it. I've never seen anything like it before, maybe on film *G* but never in real life.

Here's Brenna the Brave

And check out Ben!

Do you see the brownish orangish color on the edge? That isn't my camera doing weird things. That's actually tannic acid in the water. It looks like tea but it's from the decaying vegetation in and along the river.

The moms posing.

And Cameron looking on.

It was great seeing everyone and so much fun seeing new things.

It's an amazing life!


Zenmomma said...

Looks like so much fun! I do hope all of you are planning to come to LIFE is Good next year. If y'all can't live here (like how I threw in the y'all?) then then you HAVE TO come visit. ;-) All of you. Every single unschooling friend I have. *g* Tell the others.

Ren said...

Ya wanna travel some more? Amy is going to be performing at Jessica's house on Sunday night (the 10th).

Come on up!

Alex Polikowsky said...

Ok I was going to say how envious I was of you all and how I wanted to be there until I got to the part about the spiders.....
there is no way I could have dealt with the spiders!
They just freak me out! I do like them. I just can't even look at them. Other than that it looked like loads of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

I love everyone in your glasses :)

I gave you an award you can get it at my blog.

mindy said...

Oh Man, I sure do miss the Itchetucknee! That was our very favorite place when we lived in Florida. I'm so glad you all enjoyed a little piece of it with some cool folks!