Saturday, October 04, 2008


Kyra and I went with my parents to Charlotte NC. We had a really nice time. Saturday we went to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens and were in awe. We love flowers and butterflies, and the place wasn't lacking in either.

There were butterflies all over in the Orchid Conservatory. The flowers were amazing. I just love orchids.

Look out.. I turn into crazy picture taking lady when I'm around flowers!

They were just beautiful.

We also enjoyed walking around the grounds.

Of course, right here my mom is working on thinking of the name of that plant. My mom and I love naming the plants and flowers we know and guessing on the rest *g*. It was quite a challenge in this place!

We loved the plant animals.

Kyra enjoyed the fountains. Especially the one where she could get herself all wet.
Here's my dad and her enjoying the spray.

This picture is for my brother, Kurt, the fisherman.

I think the purplish fluffy plant was one of our favorites. (we never did figure out what it was called) We couldn't stop from commenting on how we loved it.

We enjoyed Charlotte, missed Tim and the other two kids, but still enjoyed ourselves.


Madeline said...

That first picture of Kyra is so beautiful. I love her expression. I too like that purple plant - they have it at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and I took loads of pictures of it. But I never remember any names. sorry.

Ryan said...
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