Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Rainbow

It's raining this morning. And it rained all day yesterday, thank goodness... we really needed it.

But there was a break in the fronts to give us this little treat last night.

I took the top one first with my smaller camera. Then I ran and grabbed my big Rebel and took the bottom one. I don't know which I like best. In the first one you could see every single color.

When I came back to take this one it had changed. The pink was now so vibrant. It was amazing.

1 comment:

laura said...

i LOOOVE rainbows!! i have never been able to capture a good picture though =(

we've had plenty of rain here too, which we also needed. this is my first year with a garden and although i've been afraid to try to do winter stuff, i think i just might go for it. more rain please!!