Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New patch on WoW

A huge patch went through yesterday for World of Warcraft players.

You may ask, "what does that mean?" It means all sorts of changes and new things for players. It's pretty exciting.

For Alec and his hunter it means his damage went up, which is always good, and lots of other technical stuff that I can't even begin to explain. Also, his guild will probably now be able to get the last bosses down before the expansion. He's pretty happy with all of it.

For the girls and me it means---

A BARBER SHOP! ok, so we'll call it a salon ;)

This is very exciting for us :)

Here is Destinycloud, Abbi's character before her new do

And here she is trying on a long style

And a braided one

Guess what we'll be doing today?

This is why Blizzard games are so dang popular. They know what people like and give it to them.... imagine that.


unschoolingsupermom said...

Kal and Tori were so excited last night about all the changes. Tori loves the harbor in Stormwind. They were hanging out at the computer together all night.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

THAT'S why Owen wouldn't go with us to the Buckethead concert last night! He was having a blast. Waiting for the midnight trip to Gamestop for the expansion, which we have reserved, of course.

Happy playing to you and yours! :)

Sandra Dodd said...

Oh yeah! That's why Brett was at his computer for maybe twelve hours yesterday and didn't want to go to the movies with us and...

If I had remembered yesterday was the day, I would've taken him some food instead of inviting him out to eat in the other room.

When he raids for six or seven hours every Sunday, we take him two or three small meals and just set them there. Before he lived here, he never had people assist and support him, only criticize and rag on him. It's fun to do a little thing that makes such a big difference.

Hair, huh? Maybe Holly will want to play again! :-)

Ren said...

I wish I'd known what the patch was about so I could have better explained to Scott/Jalen who was really pissed about not being able to log on! I figured it was something big, since it took about two hours to load.

Very cool!

kelli said...

aw, that's too bad Ren. That's so frustrating.

This patch is getting everyone's computers ready for the expansion.

Ren said...

I don't stay as well informed nowadays with my main WoW player having moved out. Wah.:(

Jared plays Warcraft and Gunz mostly now and Jalen/Scott doesn't really understand a lot of what goes on yet.

I'll have to read your blog very regularly for WoW updates!

pinkkpanda said...

Ack! I'm so excited! :D I just downloaded the patch-- a little late.. x.x But I havent been playing much lately, but hopefully I'll start back up again, the new patch stuff looks exciting!

And this is Dev, and my blog. :D
I just made it ^^

Silvia said...

That's so funny! I finally changed the hair on my troll hunter. The orc rogue got changed right away! It was awful. ;) I'll post some screenshots.