Sunday, October 26, 2008

Creative flow

Man I love creating things. It's interesting though, if I spend a lot of time not making or creating things I start questioning my abilities. I start having doubts about my creativity.

I had been thinking that I wanted to participate in a Day of the Dead art trade that is being held at our ARGH get together next weekend, but I hadn't settled myself down enough to do anything. Do you ever feel like things are just moving too quickly along to sit and create? :) I guess that's when it's time to breath.

So... yesterday I must have finally breathed because the girls and I sat together and felted wool. It was a great afternoon.

I made this for the trade:

I really like it and it was really fun working on it. Plus.. Corpse Bride came on TV right as I was making it so I had perfect inspiration :)

Abbi made some cups

And Kyra made a house


Clint Stonebraker said...

Wendy writing here (using Clint's computer):
I *love* your skull!!! Ya know, Christmas is just around the corner and I am a Day of the Dead skull freak. (just a little hint :-)

But seriously, it's wonderful. You are seriously talented, my friend.

See ya Friday!

laura said...

i totally get what you are saying here are the doubting your abilities. it does take time to sit and create and when you don't you feel like maybe you just aren't "that person" or a "real" artist. bah. i've worked for quite some time to get over that one. still working on it.

i absolutely love your skull. i just started on my IDEAS the other night. not even started on the actual work. i had thought everyone would be doing straight up larger ATCs but this is amazing and i'm so excited to see some non-paper, 3D work...have you seen gail's?? wow, you guys are amazing.

can't wait to touch it!! and see ya'll too =)

mindy said...

I LOVE this skull!!!OMG!

Deanne said...

That skull is beautiful!!! Have a great time next weekend.

Zenmomma said...

That skull really is wonderful! I'm glad you pushed past that voice that was saying "not good enough." It's wrong.

Idzie said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! :-)

I absolutely LOVE the skull!! Totally gorgeous. Heh, it seems almost every artist doubts their skills at times (I know of ONE who doesn't), or even regularly. As a writer, I'm constantly doubting my work. Perhaps that's something most creative people have to work through... *Tries to think positive about my own work* :-P