Thursday, June 29, 2006

Visitors :)

We have Diana, Hayden and Britanny (Diana's niece) visiting us now. :) We're all happy to have them back here with us. So fun to be with our unschooling buds.

Last night we had fun playing Halo, toontown, listening to new and old music, working on all of our My Spaces. :D Several of us have My Spaces now and we're really having fun with them. Abbi continues to amaze me with her abilities to create, figure out and communicate. She's been helping Diana and me figure out the whole layout process and such. Adding music, videos,, all sorts of stuff.

Diana and I sit in awe of these cool little people,,(some not so little anymore ;) We also sit and miss Hannah. We still have such a hole amidst us, and it will always be here. We try and remember the happy and fun times,, how can we not, she was such a fun, happy kid. I love the picture above, wanted to share. :D Its Hannah, Hayden with the most awesome grin, and Kyra

Today we're hoping to hit the lake if its warm enough. Some other things we're gonna do while they're here: sculpture walk, pick strawberries at a local farm,,(you get to eat as many as you want while there ), do more Mehndi (henna painting on the body), watch movies (we always have list that we want to watch together, Crash is on that list, we watched it here last week but we want to share it with Diana) Tim is going to hang Buddhist prayer flags in our woods, sit, enjoy a fire, go on the rides at the water carnival,,, Life is Good :)

Ohh and remember our babies? (the caterpillars) we now have 3 chrysalises and 1 very fat caterpillar. :) We'll take pictures of them when they come out, about 2 weeks. The 2 that were always by each other have made their chrysalises right beside each other.


zenmomma said...

I'm just lovin' all of the MySpace shenanigans! And now I've found *this* blog too. You'll never be free of me...BwaaHaaaHaaaa!

kelli said...


Yeah we're lovin the Myspace stuff too!

I'm glad you found us, cool!

diana said...

Guess what we got!! :::Happy Dance::: we got 4 more spikey ball head thingies!! AND they glow in the dark AND they were 1/2 price at World Market AND some really really cool unschooler send us a gift card!!! Oh, yeah, life is good...
When the balls are more stretched out, we'll get some pictures of them actually on our heads ::bg:: I did go into Chili's with a hot pink one as a spikey bun cover :)

kelli said...

***I did go into Chili's with a hot pink one as a spikey bun cover :)***

Ooohh,, you too cool :D