Monday, June 12, 2006


Pokemon has invaded our house again. Alec used to play Pokemon, pre-Yu-gi-O days. But now its Kyra who is getting into it. All from Abbi sharing a funny movie she found while working on hers. I'll share a link to it as soon as she gets up and helps me find it,,,(grrrrr,,, I can't find it.)

This movie was really funny because instead of having Pokemon trainers, its Human trainers. lol With Pokemon using humans to fight.

So that got Kyra to wanting to play Pokemon gold on her Nintendo SP. She's really coming along on her reading. To play this game you have to read about the different Pokemon, different attacks, read instructions and lots more. We've never sat down and done any formal instruction of reading with her. We've read to her, listened to her read and her just living her life has been enough. Its been great.

I was a bit scared of this a few years ago because both Alec and Abbi learned in school. But I read about these other unschoolers whose kids had learned to read on their own time schedules and it was such a joyous existance in the meanwhile. I trusted Kyra would learn to read and now she doing just that.

After playing her SP for a while she wanted to get the Pokemon cards out and play with them. We have a lot of pokemon cards from Alec and she has some of her own too. We sit down and sort, organize and read through them. She says she'd really like to get some new ones and she has allowance! So into town we go, I have to run some errands and she has some Pokemon to buy.

When we get back we ask Alec if he's like to explain the Pokemon stuff to us. He's up for that. Nice.

Over the weekend she plays Pokemon with me, Tim and Alec. She and Alec spend hours playing, strategizing and just plain hanging out together enjoying this common passion--trading cards and strategic play.

It was a really cool time for them to connect.

Other things we did this weekend,, Tim and I actually got some shelves to organize movies and video games on. Yayyy. Tim mowed, I did some searching for some more yarn for a poncho I'm working on for Abbi, Abbi worked on her movie and played WoW, Alec played on X-box live, beat Half Life 2 Episode 1, did the whole Pokemon thing and organized a stay for his cousins and friend from Moorhead for this week.

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